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Thread: Tapes coming apart

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    Default Tapes coming apart

    Hey everyone,

    I have a question I'm curious about to those who wear double sided tape adult diapers.

    Whenever one or more tapes fall apart whenever your asleep or awake what do you do about it? Try to fix it? Or throw it away or what?

    For anyone who doesn't understand whenever I wear my adult diapers either day or night the tapes tend to take itself apart sometimes, same thing for Abena M4 kinda except those will rip the front of the diaper off (at least from my experience wearing them that's what happened). I don't know if any ABDL diapers like rearz for example has that same problem too, unless if that's with medical diapers like Abena M4, Fred's brand, etc.

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    It sounds like you are sticking them on too tight. Diapers should be snug (not tight) at the legs and waist, AND still be slightly loose enough in the middle to have some expansion room. The extra room is what prevents the tapes from popping off or even tearing free from the plastic.

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    they're too tight, as slomo said.

    With lots of practice I've found ways to tape a diaper on super snug, but without ever popping tapes. It takes a while to get used to the right techniques....and unfortunately it's not something easy to explain.

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    I agree with Slomo, sounds like you are putting them on too tight.

    I have a similar issue, but only happens at night. I suppose I must have an erotic dream of some kind and get aroused and I think this may cause the tape to pop off. The tape always pops off the blue one that remains in place. Seems to always happen with different brands. Sometimes I can salvage the situation and reapply the tape but sometimes the tape has already stuck back down in a different location, trying to remove may rip the cover, so I just leave it where it is. Oddly enough, always seems to be the same tape all the time, the left bottom one. I try to attach the bottom tapes a bit more loose and this reduces it happening.

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    Slomo is right. you shouldn't tape it too tight. you gotta find the sweetspot where it's snug but not tight. another thing to be careful about are wrinkles on the plastic. if you stick a tape over wrinkled plastic there's a higher chance of tapes ripping it apart

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    Okay just to clarify this for everyone before some of you jump to conclusions, I'll admit I kinda tape them tight but mostly I do put them on in a snug fit....I didn't say me taping them too tight was a everyday thing. I just didn't know why some of the tapes on different brands would come apart (besides some of you assuming they're just taped on too tight & not in a snug fit), it could be what 00 Steve 00 said though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDD1920 View Post
    Okay just to clarify this for everyone before some of you jump to conclusions, I'll admit I kinda tape them tight but mostly I do put them on in a snug fit....
    FYI you can get away with "Tight" around the waist, with the upper tapes, you just need to be more careful with the lowers. Those will determine how "relaxed" the fit will be in your crotch where the pee needs to be able to move freely to dryer parts of your diaper, and will determine how well the leg gathers fit and seal around your legs. Attaching your lower tapes angled a bit downward helps.

    Here's an old example of mine showing the "wrong" way to do it, with the correction in red:

    With the lower tape angled in or upward, you're pulling the front of your diaper against your body and not allowing for flow, plus you're not applying much pull on the leg gathers to keep the diaper sealed against your inner thigh. But with the tape in the red position, it makes the front a lot more "baggy" for much better liquid capture, as well as "tightening the cuff" around your leg to help prevent leaks.

    As an added benefit, this seems to help hold up my daytime diaper better, because the lower tapes are somewhat assisting the upper tapes with the job.

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    Just to clarify. The diaper being too tight is NOT the same as taping it on too tight. The fullness of the cut for a diaper will depend on how tight it actually fits once tapped on. If you try and put on a diaper that is too small, then it won't matter if you tape it on somewhat loose. The cut and overall sizing of the diaper will still be too small, and that will still lead to the diaper fitting too tightly- even when taped on somewhat loose to start with. As example, it will seem to fit ok when you put it on standing, but as soon as you sit down it is clearly too tight.

    You are not taping it on too tight, you are wearing a diaper that is too small. Big difference.

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    i had the issues of the 2 part blue/white tapes separating on 3 different cases of dry 24/7's (the newer era models that you currently buy not the old ones) ordered over the course of 2 years. no matter what i did loose, tight, up, down the bottom right tapes would always separate and come unstuck from the blue tape. i had to stop using them because of chafe issues. i have noticed my abu little paws the bottom right tab also likes to just magically pull off the landing zone and they are my 2nd favorite diaper to wear because of absorbency and comfort. i just take a strip of packaging tape and put in the backsheet of the diaper about 2 inches behind the tape and make it 4 inches longer than the tape. it may sound hokey but it works extremely well.

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    Now does that tighten up the gap that you can get in between the tapes? I have been adding an extra strip of packing tape in between the two tapes to close up that opening that seems to channel pee onto my bed pad.

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