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    I apologize for the extremely large pictures, but I have no idea how to shrink them.

    Recently I made a purchase from In it, I will be giving a review of my experience and the products I ordered.

    I ordered one pacifier and one pacifier clip/leash.
    I placed my order on August 30th, however, I did have to pay for shipping. As I was checking out, they offered savings if I would buy 2 more pacifiers. I declined as I only wanted one for now. I got confirmation of my order the same day. Order did not ship until September 2, a Saturday. However, that same day, I also received an email saying they saved $1.02 on shipping and had refunded that amount to my card. I was quite impressed with their honesty on a small matter like that. However, on my account, it does say my purchase and refund were to/from "Jaykaybaby". They lose a point there on secrecy because I know people who's parents still watch their bank account.

    I had the order shipped to the local UPS store via USPS. It was ready to pick up September 6th. The box was quite small, as pictures below show.

    The products were packed inside in a sealed plastic bag like thing with adhesive sealing it. It was all covered in gift bag paper. Only oddity I noticed at the time was there were tiny black particles on the pacifier's teat, almost like fur from a very short haired dog. However, they were very few and brushed right off.

    I have noticed the pacifier's ring does not appear to seat properly

    I have noticed this seam on the teat. You can feel it, however, I didn't realize while sucking it. Even after I saw it, it hasn't caused any problems. It causes 0 issues during use
    My phone was unable to take a good picture to show

    Literally no issues with the clip/leash so far. It doesn't let go when you try to pull it off. I was pulling so hard I was worried that I was going to rip my shirt when I finally gave up. Extremely strong.

    Sadly, I have no other adult pacis to compare this one to. However, at $20 (plus shipping), I feel it is money very well spent. Below are pictures of it vs the largest paci at Walmart I could find.

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