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Thread: Hello from Nebraska folks!

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    Default Hello from Nebraska folks!

    New to the forum! Hope to get to meet some likeminded folks!

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    Hello Oddtrucker and welcome to the group.

    So that we may get to know you better, would you please tell us a little bit about yourself, such as your hobbies and interests?

    Again welcome to the group.


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    Ahhhhhhh I'll have to get back to u on that one. I just had a whole bunch wrote up and hit the wrong button and lost it all! ������ Gotta get trucking for a bit tho. Apologies!

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    Putting this together cautiously while driving down the interstate since I'll not have another chance later tonight when I'm in deer cointry. I enjoy hunting and Target shooting as well as fishing. I love the mountains and love going there on vacation or simply trucking through them. Obviously I drive truck for a living and have done so for over 7 years now. Which is where my love for wearing diapers comes in the picture. Alot of the driving I have to do is quite tedious and can't stop to pee and risk being stopped by the law if I can get by with just wetting myself. I'm not into scat or anything to do with it. I'm obsessed with wearing women satin panties as well and have been for as long as I can remember. I've been judged countless times for doing so and I don't care anymore. I'm straight. Im engaged to the love of my life. Again I apologise for any of this that doesn't make sense. This is "me" in a nut shell!

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    Welcome to the site, and good introduction. I'm guessing if you're from Nebraska, you enjoy the Rockies? I live in Virginia and am surrounded by the Shenandoah Mountains. The bike trail I enjoy riding goes through a lot of tunneled out rocks and small mountains as it once was a railroad line. I love the outdoors too.

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    Yessir! Never seen the mountains out that way but I'm sure they're beautiful! I used to love riding a bike when I was younger then I got older and my body started falling apart lol. Thanks for not putting the corn huskers in ur reply being our football team is ehhhhh not very good for awhile now lol. I'm on my way to Colorado now but way down south and won't b able to see the! Sucks too I've got another 350 miles to go before I'm there and will have to drive all night. Blows when ya hadn't been able to get more than an hour or 2 of sleep per night all week. I get home tomorrow night I'ma go into a sleep coma!

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    Hey there OT!

    Glad to meet you *tips cap*. You'll find a lot of friends here! There's a TON of us that are outdoors types that are also DL's. I know w0lfpack and Llayden and I are all into hunting, fishing and shooting...w0lfpack is an OTR truck driver as well. We don't judge here (usually lol), so be honest and you'l be amazed what you will find out about yourself and others. Good luck catching up on you sleep, catch you on the flip side :-)

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