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Thread: My little boy lost his plushie :(

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    Default My little boy lost his plushie :(

    I need your advice.

    My poor darling lost his favorite plushie and he really misses him. Even though I can't get it back for him, I am definitelly buying him a new one for his birthday.

    I can either buy him the exact same one, or the same kind (same brand), but a different animal. I am worried that if I get him the same animal, it's just gonna remind him that his real friend is somewhere alone, but I worry that if I get him a different one, it won't be close enough and he won't be able to love it as much as he loved the old one. But then it would be a new plushie with a new story - the one he got from his mommy, right?

    What to do? What would you prefer, if you were in his situation? I really want to make him feel better, he's been so sad about it.

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    What about taking him to the toy store and letting him pick out his own?

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    NOTHING can replace a lost stuffy! Either get a new one for him, or let him pick out a new one.

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    I cannot take him to the store, it has to be a surprise. But I guess I am gonna buy him a new one. I hope it'll make him feel at least a little bit better :/

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    You are going to have to help him grive for the lost stuffie. You could do some like a memory box containing photos of him and his stuffy and all the good time he had with it.

    I would then suggest build a bear where he can make a special new freand. This will not replace his old one. And he will alway miss it.

    Have a look at my post on essentialism. I posted some months back.

    Hope this helps you.

    All the best.


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    Nothing will ever replace a friend like that, I know because I've lost a plush and even when I was given the exact same one it didn't quell the hurt.
    But, If you're gonna get him one for his birthday to help ease the pain, I'd say make a day out of it, take him to Build a Bear or somewhere that does stuffed animals and let him choose one, and that can be his surprise!
    I know if I was to loose Snuffles or Percy, and I had a caretaker, I'd want them to let me pick out one and for a day to be made of it (going to McDonald's, then looking around different shops, getting a drink then going to the place with the plushies to pick out one)
    Make a tragedy into something less painful with the full day out for his bday! The day out could be his surprise and the plush would be the cherry on top!

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    In case you want to know how the whole thing ended - his former plushie was a little dragon, so I was wandering if I should get him a new dragon or a different animal, but the same kind of plushie. Well as it happened, when I went to the store just to take a look at my options, I found out they made two kinds of dragons! So of course I bought him the different one, so he would not constantly be reminded of his loss. I gave it to him a couple of days back and I'd say he immediately got attached. He proudly held him in his arms (not caring at all that we were in public, he really doesn't mind being judged by strangers), took him home and had his first night with him, and seemed really happy the next morning. He's now somewhere where he couldn't take his plushie with, but he texted me that he's really looking forward to being with him again. I'm very happy with how things ended and that he seems to not feel so lonely now that he has his new friend at home.

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    What other sort of animals does he like? Like the others have said nothing will replace the love for his dragon in his heart. You can buy the plushie yourself if you want but I'd still make the day all about your little boy like taking him to McDonalds and for Ice Cream and then come home and secretly maybe place the new plushie on his bed with a bow on it and a note from the plushie introducing him or herself. Make a big deal out of it.

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    I was going to suggest that you get two, the first one being the original and the second one a different one. My wife often buys me a new plushied for Christmas, and now we have 7 of them that live on our bed. I must admit that I've never lost any of them. I think I would be upset if that happened, at least with four of them.

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    If I lost my favorite plushie (a white cat build a bear) I would seriously cry. Nothing will replace a lost stuffie, but I would suggest getting him a new animal. A new animal will grow a new bond and while it may not totally replace his old one, it will also build new connections. Hope this helped and I'm sorry that it happened.

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