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Thread: Whelp. That was embarassing.

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    Default Whelp. That was embarassing.

    Soooo, I posted a pic of myself thinking it was in a closed group on the facebooks.

    Apparently, I need to check my eyes because I posted it publicly.

    3 seconds later and one 'laughing' emoji reaction and I fixed it... still. Whoops!

    I don't expect anything to come of it, but let that be a lesson to me about reading the whole screen!!!

    <pic for reference>

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Oh that was mean of someone to laugh at your dog like that. They can't help but to want to smell everything. Even the diaper we are wearing.

    All the more reason I don't really even use facebook.

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    Yikes. I would be terrified of something like that happening. Alas, I don't use Facebook and will never post pictures of myself online.

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    Oh crap, hopefully it wasn't around for long!

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    Cute picture. I better go search on Facebook for it. Just Kidding, probably only a few people get to see that.

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    Nice clothing, but yeah if I did something like that I would die. luckily I don't use facebook. :p

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    I never post irl pictures, with or without face either. You never know who'll see or use them >.<

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    I'd be so terrified that someone saved the pic before it was deleted, that would be a waking nightmare for me. i'm glad to see you take it so well, hopefully that won't happen again.

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    Oh wow, sounds like a close call. Facebook is full of easy to fall for traps. You have learned quick to fully read the group first which is a saving grace in your situation. I use Facebook very sparingly but try to avoid groups as they can be full of trolls. Hope you do not get an issues from your little error.

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    I don't understand why people still use facebook. I have never used it and I am better off without it than all the people that say that they need it. Still, that is a close call, but most likely thousands may have seen it...

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