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Thread: Feelin' Like A Noob

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    Default Feelin' Like A Noob

    It's kinda like starting all over again on the forums as a newbie. Nice to be back and see all the familiar names I've come to know.


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    All we need in this forums now is a proper n00b. Your not a n00b Pramrider.

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    wb pramrider your no noob

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    Pramrider = The Awesome.

    Seriously, you all should look up to and try to be as "rad", "hip" and "with it" as Pramrider is.

    Great to see you back!!! *jumphugs*

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    yeah he is awesome (well i dont actually know him but he seems cool)

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    "Rad" and "hip" is damned right, Kraiden! Pram, I think you're one of the most important parts of this forum. You've always come across as an unconditionally loving husband and spectacular father to your children, and your opinions are always something I've thought intensely valuable here! There is rarely anything truly cooler than that!

    It's good to see that you're back and still a part! A fellow Marylander salutes you!

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