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Thread: Facebook is being strange today?

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    Angry Facebook is being strange today?

    yesterday I used the search bar to look for abdl pages and groups and look at a few but don't want to join any groups cause i not sure if the setting there to not show up as so and so joind a group. besides that today i used the same search terms and it show no results or for and search terms relations to abdl

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    Facebook search is working again, it seems that for little while today anything I searched yesterday or today random words like cars, trees anything you'd expect search results would say no results. any search terms before yesterday would worked.

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    That's odd. Maybe it was a caching issue or they were doing updates? At least it sounds like it's functional again. I believe FaceBook does show any groups you're in by default, just FYI

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    If a group is private then no one can see that you belong to it nor will it say "catsarecute posted a message in diaperland". Still, be careful.

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    I wouldn't risk using facebook for ABDL stuff, unless you have a fake account just for that, too risky to have someone discover what you are into.

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