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Thread: New cuddlz nappy

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    Default New cuddlz nappy

    Just been sent an email about a new one tape per side cuddlz nappy they are about to launch.
    They look pretty cool

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    Damn you Cuddlz for making things I want that I can't have. -_-

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    Ok, now that looks like a real baby Diaper!

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    that one looks pretty nice... single large tapes, tape panel, lightweight design on plastic shell, front and back waist elastic, tall standing leak guards... seems to press all the right buttons.

    BUT... that's not a picture, that's an illustration. "Pics or it didn't happen" (isn't that good)

    I suppose I'll be an 'early adopter' and get some. Not sure how many though.

    FYI a case (of the only size listed, Large, 80ct) is $114, plus $80 shipping, total of $194. That's about $2.50/diaper, which is rather high for case-quantity. Maybe something bambino or abu can carry in the states? The European and the North American groups ought to share catalogs to increase sales on both sides of the pond, since they aren't very strong competition due to high shipping.

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