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Thread: I'm officially venting about stuff very few of y'all will understand.

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    Default I'm officially venting about stuff very few of y'all will understand.

    Firstly, let me say, this might should be a blog, but see, I do have questions, and people don't usually ask questions on blogs. That's a thread thing, but the deal is, I don't know what words to use to ask the questions in my mind, so, if you read this, and you see a questionesque thingamabob pop out, answer it for me, if you can?

    I'm okay! We made landfall at the hotel, which, coincidentally, the cops chose to stay at after it hit, the day before Harvey's stupid ass did! No flooding, and we made it home Wednesday. We evacuated on my sister's birthday, poor thing, because we're disabled, so, makes sense. Anyway, for my sister, it was either a Dx of possible cancer, and a storm evacuation, on her fucking birthday, or, mom could spin it to, "hotel party, woo," so she did. They brought back Iguana Joe's, and the pool had a lift, and the hotel had a movie night in the media room, so, yay, fun!

    There's a thread about Harvey already, but it'd gone so far off the rails, I didn't feel I could pop my head in and say I was okay, but now y'know.

    Okay, next thing. There was another thread on here, that, for disability reasons, made me feel. . . I dunno. Weird? Kinda angry and sad, I guess. The thread was about the Merry Muscles bouncer thingy. I posted there, and got the feeling that people who make products for the disabled would be happier if ABs, Littles, DLs, and everything in between, simply didn't exist, even though we give those companies a shit ton of money, and that, "normie," ABs, Littles, DLs, and everything in between, wish bothies, (That's ABs, Littles, DLs, and everything in between, plus disabled somehow.) didn't exist. Is that just me? I'll tell you this. IC people should be thankful we exist, rather they think we're crazy or not. I also got the feeling that going out of the manufacturers' way to make things look like medical devices wouldn't be necessary if people would just get the fuck over themselves! God forbid actually making it look like it belongs in a house, instead of a clinic! There are families who've gotten over themselves, for the sake of disabled loved ones. I know of one girl with SMA type 1. I think she's 9, which is old for her Dx. Most of the muscles in these patients are weak and loose, but a few are known for being stiff as boards, especially the mouth and jaw muscles. Because she sleeps with a paci every night, she can still speak. Now, if the disabled person is embarrassed by needing something like that, chew Stix and chewlery exist, as do boring cups, silverware, and other things for Oldielockses, but so do brighter, more lively, cheaper options. So what if they're babyish or kiddy?! At least there's life in them! Disabled person's choice, damn it!

    While I'm thinking of it, I'll say two things. Disabled doesn't look like anything, so, "You don't look disabled," is, say it with me, not an argument!

    Joe and Joanne public, you don't know what you're looking at, so, stop judging it! The chick with the snap shoulder shirt, may very well have it for I.V. port access! Is dude with paci bothering you? Hurting you? No? Then, how 'bout you leave him alone?! Look, man, I know pacis aren't generally appropriate, except in extenuating circumstances, but they shouldn't have to be inappropriate! My personal feelings are that it's not safe to go too far, like a bonnet, and a bABy dress or a onesie, and probably a paci. Just going beyond my comfort zone, to make a point.

    Even among y'all, I feel weird. I'd really like a bABy dress, but, I keep thinking like a CP person, because I am, and proud to have survived the premie birth that left me with it, but, wrestling myself into a dress won't exactly regress me. Also, if the bottom gets wet, gotta change the whole thing. Guess I need to just think about what my needs are, then go custom? Part adaptive clothing, part Little. That'd make most seamstresses heads explode! Not that I'd need too many adaptations, if I got some cute shirts and some skirted diaper covers, but I can't find any I like.

    I feel weird compared to y'all for one more reason. Because I literally have to wrestle myself into tape diapers, I can actually get my Littlest wearing pull-ups, because, "How the hell am I getting out of this thing," never would occur to me. I also hate crinkle! Thank you, Father, for cloth! Am I really so strange?
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    You could have Jenny at Babykins make you something pretty and adaptive ,she does really nice work and has adapted many things for me ,if you can describe what you want or draw what you want she can turn that into an actual garment ,she has adapted and modified all my onesies for different needs and even created special onesies for me ( her boat neck is really easy to get on and off ,it's one of my favorites ) everyday either my overshirt or undershirt is one of hers ( yes dressed up for me is a polo/golf onesie and a jacket ,anything fancier means I am dead and somebody else dressed me ).

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