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Thread: Littlespace Muteness?

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    Default Littlespace Muteness?

    When Im in little head space, I find im mostly mute except for some gibberish and random sounds. So sometimes i like to use "baby sign language" like what you might find a baby not talking yet would. Just simple things like "More", and "food" but mostly just pointing and whining Does anyone else experience muteness or anything like it? Do you do the same thing or anything similar? Or are you a super talkative little and never seem to quit talking

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    In my little space, I'm a very talkative 2-year-old.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PamperedGoddess View Post
    In my little space, I'm a very talkative 2-year-old.
    Same here.

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    I'm also in a more mute littlespace. Currently I live at home with my mother and my brother. So I can live it out only at evening/night and can't make any showy sounds. But I enjoy it to be silent in my littlespace as well. Whining and screaming are things, that I completely dislike when I'm in little mode, no matter what time or place.

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    I tend to imagine that if I had a caregiver to play with in real life, I would be fairly mute as well, and mostly communicate through short phrases and crying.

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    My little age is 3 or 4, so I definitely use language and can create full sentences when talking. I do find that I am more of a quiet toddler though, and am not as talkative as most.

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    I'm finding that keeping my mouth shut is rather helpful when I'm trying to 'stay' little. The only time I really get to regress is when my current nanny is caring for me, and it's all too easy to get caught up in an adult-level conversation with her. A pacifier or bottle is a handy thing when you're being cared for! Being 'mute' allows me to focus on the sensations and regressive feelings, noises and sounds, and I find that it prolongs my time in 'little space.'

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    I mostly go a little quiet. I can't think of what to say, It would distract me too much from feeling little.

    Although when i am a caretaker, a mute little is something i get a little anxious about. i like verbal check that everything is good.

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    I'm mostly really talkative, but sometimes near bedtime, especially if it's been a long day with lots of accidents, I end up wanting to just cry, coo, or cuddle without talking.

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    A lot of the time I'm really talkative and babble like crazy but when I'm more tired or I want really close cuddles I'm basically mute bar random noises and whines and I just want to hide in their chest.

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