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Thread: Is there any Diaper lovers cons this year.

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    Default Is there any Diaper lovers cons this year.

    hey i was wondering if theres any camps or cons this year Diaper realted im new but i wanna be able to wear diapers in a safe space.

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    LBL in the U.K. happens a couple of times a year, they recently had one this weekend

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    Ah, my specialty -- I know ABDL cons almost as much as vintage goodnites!

    @Scaramouche - That list says 2016/2017. Is there an updated one?

    @OP Are you in the US? The thing I'd say is that you ought to go to a local munch first, to get to know people who might be at a convention. Here is a current list of littles' munches: Chicago Ageplay Convention April or March 2018. Expect 600+ this year as the whole hotel is ours! TOMKAT canadian ageplay camp -- North of Toronto. It's an easy flight, and a full week summer camp program; I am their ambassador. There is the Littles Invasion in Connecticut. is in october, but full this year. Take my swim class and sing sea shanties with me on Saturday! Geeky and Kinky Event and Geeky Kink Event: New England is a general BDSM event for geeks and people of all stripes, but it is a diaper-friendly place. They have a nursery and a ball pit, and littles activities, so you can wear a onesie around if you like around the hotel.

    There is also The Littles Invasion, which is a dungeon takeover in Hartford, CT. You'll have to look that one up on Fetlife under "The Littles Invaison group." Went to it yesterday -- what a blast! Sixty wonderful people, with a boffer war, a big potluck, storytime and songs.

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