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Thread: Does anyone wear pads?

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    Default Does anyone wear pads?

    Not boosters, but those little pads to catch little drips and dribbles? Depends, Tena and others make them. I was wondering if anyone has tried any and which ones are the best? I'm stress incontinent and leak off and on all day long.

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    Are you talking the "penis pampers" drip collector pouches ?

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    Yes, but there are other things than the pouches.

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    Before I had urge IC:IAB, i used the Tena Men light. They were great and discrete.

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    I've used both the Tena and Poise female pads back in my working days. I used like one size down from the Ultimate size
    as they were more discreet when wet.

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    Yes, I have recently ordered them from hexa & co alongside my diapers. Gotta say I really love them, shame I only ordered a few as they are already on the verge of end, gotta place another order I guess this week. They tend to get wet very fast and they give this pleasant feeling that I personally love, it's like the "feeling" is centered around your penis instead of just big wet feeling everywhere. I love it as something I like to experience with and definitely will use them in the long-run unless I found something even better

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    Before my problems got really bad i use to use the tena gaurds.Before i used them i used the depends gaurds and in comparison I'd prefer the tena.I felt like the depends ones didnt handle sweat very well so things would get really uncomfortable and id get rashes.The tena gaurds are really good in that aspect and i felt cleaner using them.i also think the tena is really good with preventing leakage.
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    Not incontinent but I swear by the Seni Man Fit. They can be a little uncomfortable to sit on a firm surface for a long time, but they're pretty comfortable during the day and every comfortable at night. These (and a similar one from Abena) are the only pads I've found that offer side protection against leaks.


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    That's very helpful. I just got three different samples from XP and none of them were Seni. Their brand they send does have leak guard and are only .33c a piece. That said, I really like the Seni diaper so maybe I'll give these a try. My wife just bought some Depends at the store so I'll see how they fit.

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    I still have an unopened pack of the good depend pads they discontinued like 4 years ago ,as with all things depend if it worked and customers liked it they "improved" it and destroyed it .

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