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Thread: Little For Big getting diapers?

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    Default Little For Big getting diapers?

    According to LFB Instagram, they are taking pre orders for diapers. They appear similar to the Dotty Diaper Design if the image is true.

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    Maybe they want to compete with ABU since they do Onesies and Diapers?

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    Possibly. I know most of the onesie sites appear to be going that way.

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    Oh sweet. I didn't realise they have thee tapes on each side. And FINALLY placed exactly where they should be too! I will definitely have to try these out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mayeyeplease View Post
    There are only two tapes per side
    Oh, I see it now. My phone doesn't have the highest resolution (nor my eyes anymore too) Darn it too, that had my hopes up.

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    Another MyDiaper Night style set of diapers?

    From what I could see they maybe very cute, love that they have a pink and blue variety along with the trunks one.

    I don't know this company, they could be fabulously honest but I wouldn't go within 1000 feet of another preorder.

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    I've just received one of their onesies and bought from them before through Amazon, quality of their products are great.
    Their new diapers look really good, but wow bit of a hefty price tag, and not selling abroad.

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