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Thread: How can I tell if this a real Colorado buisness?

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    Default How can I tell if this a real Colorado buisness?

    If anyone's heard of them or can point me to some reviews, that would be appreciated.
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    I would call or e-mail and set up an interview to see if she's on the up and up. Make sure there's no charge for that. Usually a business files paperwork with the city, county or state's attorney general but I doubt this type of business would do that. Good luck and proceed with caution.

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    I won't share all my tricks on digging up personal info on people on the internet since I am a believer in some privacy, so I am also not sharing everything I found on the business or owner, but will share the following:
    The website was registered from a Lorena who at that time lived in a trailer park in Boulder, CO. Based on photos she might still be there, but has done a fair bit of work to the place.
    The company is registered as a valid company (also by Lorena) in Colorado.
    She is 37 years old and isn't registered with any political parties.
    Her phone is in the Denver area code
    Also has bdsm business that does quite well and Mistress January Frost (Lady Frost) seems to have a solid reputation in that industry.
    She's quite attractive (but looks better as a blonde in my opinion)
    I didn't find any reviews or complaints from her current businesses or one that she folded back in 2015, although if you complain she probably just spanks you harder...

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    She seems to have tied up that poor baby so I'm not interested. Poor thing.

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    I see Ms. Lucille has an impressive array of whips. I'm happy to see she is an expert at kinks.

    Cash only.

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    I see mysticab knows how to run a whois search. =P

    Anyway, if you're interested in the service and it's not that far away from you, give them a call and see if you can arrange a visit just as an adult. Take a look at the place, talk to the person, see how you feel. You can also ask to see if there's an agreement of some kind. For that price and given that the second woman is a professional counselor, there ought to be some fine print that, in a case like this, might actually be worth reading (either to tip you off that somebody is off, or if the fine print is in order, it can be reassuring).

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    Wish my therapist offered adult-baby play in the same office...

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    Jack Bruce had a song called "the ministry of bag". Just popped into my head reading this thread.

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