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Thread: I wonder what Goodnites, and other diaper brands are working on for 2018.

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    Default I wonder what Goodnites, and other diaper brands are working on for 2018.

    I'm wondering what's up the line for Goodnites, and other diaper brands for 2018....and possibly beyond? Please show proof if possible.

    Also it seems like size 7 diapers is showing up more. I wonder if Huggies and Luvs will produce a size 7, and hopefully it will be a proper size 7.

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    I am with you on Huggies. I hope Kimberly-Clark decides to make a size 7, I have been waiting on them to do this for years. I have also noticed more companies making size 7 diapers, and I think it is a good thing. One thing I wish Kimberly-Clark would do is make their pull-ups like the did in the past. I remember I could wear the pull-ups with Woody, but then when they made the red Cars pullups, or Jake the Pirate ones they were much smaller and didn't fit like they used to. I also wish that Proctor & Gamble would make their pull-ups as tall as they used to; I remember wearing the ones with Elmo to middle school/high school(I was tiny back then), then they made them much smaller. I am also hoping for the Honest company to make a size 7.

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    The Goodnites will send automatic email updates on your nightly output to everyone on Facebook and Twitter.

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    FootiePJ, did wearing diapers with Elmo on them bother you any?

    I still wish that P&G would fix their UnderJams side panels, and make them more competitive with GoodNites, but in a good way. I remember how GN's were slipping in quality before UJ's, but picked back up, once they got some competition.

    NateSean, I really don't want GoodNites updates on my facebook account. I remember making a comment on their page, and my sister made a response. That was pretty scary.

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    I have always liked Elmo, as a preschooler he was my favorite character, so he didn't bother me any. I liked the way Easy-ups fit back then. They fit around near my waist, just below my belly button, the old Pull-ups fit the same way. They really messed up by making them shorter and fitting around the hips. I have never tried Underjams before, because I don't like their side panels, they just seem too flimsy. I would like to try them, but they need to fix their product first.

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    Even at your middle/high school? Did you wear them for need and/or for fun? How about during your elementary school years?

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    When does GoodNites release their updated version? In March?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 12srepaid View Post
    Even at your middle/high school? Did you wear them for need and/or for fun? How about during your elementary school years?
    I wore them in middle/high school because of the short passing periods, and because teachers had a policy of not letting students use the restroom during class, so I had to wear them to avoid an accident. In elementary school, I didn't really need them during the school day because we had restroom breaks practically every 90 minutes or we could just ask to go whenever, but I would still protection because the ride on the school bus to and from school was about an hour; there are times I would fall asleep on my way to school and wake up wet, in which case I would just change once I got to school. I guess you could say in elementary school, it was both fun and necessary for me to wear.

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    Im glad that you were more adult about your problem than some of the responses I've read on Yahoo, that would say you're too old for diapers.
    Did your parents have good attitudes, or did you have to be secretive?

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    I had to be secretive about it then, as I do now. I would get stuff into the house by putting it my backpack, today I use my gym bag to get things into the house. My mom doesn't even like me sleeping with my stuffed teddy bear.

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