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Thread: Diapers in school reflections...

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    Default Diapers in school reflections...

    Hi. I just decided to start a thread. There's a few of them on this subject.

    When I was 13 and still skinny I found out that cloth baby diapers still fit me, and the toddler size gerber plastic panties did too. And I would wear them to school, undercover of course. I also discovered through Playboy and Penthouse forums that other people did these things as well. This was when VietNam was two countries and one big war. I date myself. (which is legal in Arkansas) and one day I shall be called to account for that joke.

    I don't know how far the trend to ABDL/Teen has gone in the way of actual school kids and I'm not about to ask them about it. For me those days are for reminiscing. So this is really for those like me, over 30 I guess but Anybody can play. Right now I'm pushing 60 or dragging 50 however it's best described.

    When my baby sister was potty trained I didn't have the source for diapers and plastic panties, so I improvised with towels and trash bags. Adult diapers in every grocery store was a couple of decades into the future. Good thing I didn't participate in P.E. and thus didn't have to 'dress out'. I wonders, yes I does, how prevalent that is for our generation? Did it affect me and thee and she and he in our choices of politics, lifestyles? Gender identification wasn't even a phrase then, but I know most of our identities aren't by choice.

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    I'm in my forties so I was first active with these feelings as a teen. Puberty makes having baby/ diaper fascinations weird (like I have to tell you guys that) and my first "diapers" were also the homemade variety. I would use white trash bags, paper towels, car wash towels, anything to simulate a disposable. I thought I was the only one (this was the 1980s) and these feelings made me feel like an abomination. I never dared to try wearing anything babyish or diaper-like to school. I was mercilessly picked on back then so that would have been a bad idea to potentially put myself in the way of more ridicule.

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    I'm not positive what your question(s) is, but I love the way you write. Do it more!

    I'm not as old as you (yet not much younger), but cloth diapers are what I had available. I would staple (!!) two together in order to make one diaper that would fit me. Later I "learned" how to stitch them together because staples are downright (or upright, in this case) pokey!

    I used to find the largest plastic pants possible to stretch Armstrong them over my modified diaper. That was ridiculous.

    I don't recall ever wearing to school. I hated myself far too much to risk being discovered by classmates. Then again I was crazy enough to try. So perhaps I did. Too old to remember.

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    Sure I'll bite, what exactly are you trying to ask? I feel like this is in the wrong section.

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    I was attracted to diapers at a very young age, 4 years old and I was acting on it by the age of 6. If there was a white piece of cloth that looked like it could be a diaper, I'd snatch it. Like some other older members, I discovered I could actually take a flat baby diaper and pin it on me, corner to corner and I fit into Gerber toddler sized plastic pants. Those were my first real diapers and I was in heaven.

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    I'm MUCH MUCH younger then you, I'm 18 yrs. Old. I know you wanted an older age group, but here I come anyway (sorry). I've never really had a diaper on me. But I kind of had something similar to it. I was about 12 yrs. Old at the time. My mom had bought me boxes of U Kotex pads (which was no big deal, I was around that age after all). But she had told me before that the pads were like a diaper. I understood very well at the time what they were capable of and for. One day I opened up the small box she had bought me and put one on. I loved them instantly, wrapper and through. I ended up wearing them everyday from there on. I wore them at home and even to school. Years later I found out I could make a homemade diaper with them with just 3 panties and 2 or 3 of my leftover pads. That's all the further I'm going to go with this though.

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    I graduated high school in 1977. I think that my interest in diapers came around Jr. High (1972 or so). I wore a diaper at school maybe four or five times. Never used it but my heart was racing all the time. I got scared one time when I spontaneously ejactulated in them in class.

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    I was in boarding school in high school so while I never wore anything to class I did manage to wet at night a few times while I was awake. I remember getting caught twice. I don't ever remember wetting my own bed but I was sleeping on the floor in my friend's room and wet it and she found out. Then another time when I was a senior I was on a trip staying with different roommates for a couple nights and I put a blanket under me and wet it. I then managed to pack it in my suitcase and take it back to school and wash it so noone ever found out I wet myself but unfortunately I had some spontaneous enjoyment noises going on so one of the girls asked me if I was masturbating the night before. I just looked at her like I had no clue and said, "What is that?" She just said nevermind and never brought it up again. Lucky me that she didn't tell the dean.

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    My interest in diapers developed around juniour high (though I dreamed of regressing long before then). I improvised a few diapers at home, and even layered all of my underwear at once on one occasion, but I was never brave enough to buy actual diapers. I certainly never wore to school.

    There was one girl however, who got teased for wearing diapers. I don't know weather or not the rumors were true, but she retorted that, "What I wear under my clothes is none of your business!" She was very popular, and stayed that way, despite the whole diaper thing. She also dressed up as a baby for Halloween and I must admit to having had a bit of a crush.

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    (Why Sissy/Girls? )

    I had easy access to my sister's and my old cloth diapers from about age six onward, and wore them regularly. Using them for their intended purpose was complicated, though... Anyway! Pretty sure I never seriously considered wearing them to school. Although I wasn't the most socially-inclined kid, the idea of being caught wearing diapers at school would have terrified me.

    College was different, though. I lost my inhibitions quickly, and ended up wearing diapers to class a number of times. It was kind of fun, and certainly got the adrenaline going the first few times. After that, diapers in class became more of a distraction. I'm one of those DLs who seldom wears if not to satisfy a sexual urge, and it was difficult for me to take my classes seriously when I was semi-aroused and thinking about what was in my pants. It didn't take long for me to conclude that wearing to class was a bad idea, and I stopped doing it. My freshman-year roommate was an easygoing, pot-smoking, hippie-type guy, and I had plenty of opportunities to wear diapers outside of class. The urges seldom went unheeded.

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