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Thread: any cars pull-ups designs?

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    Default any cars pull-ups designs?

    hey im matt how is everyone? i consider myself as a huggies pull-ups person. especially cars pull-ups. hope some of u guys have the cars pull-ups designs. could be any version considering the fact that theyve been on pull-ups for almost 11 years. the front and back designs would be amazing.

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    Hi Matt and welcome!
    Please tell us something more about you! What are your interests (beside diapers of course)? Since when have you been wearing diapers?
    I have just started to wear Huggies DryNites with skateboard designs. Which Huggies Pull-ups do you wear exactly and how do they fit?
    See you around!

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    i wear the learning designs ones with cars characters on it. i can fit into them since my waist is like 26 inches. im very small. non related pull-ups stuff is i like to exercise, have a healthy diet, learn about anything in the medical field, rock, metal, post-hardcore, meaningful emotional music, i sometimes do art and draw, i love learning about anything.

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