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Thread: Now in Norway!

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    Default Now in Norway!

    I am back, after a week in Germany with relatives for Easter. We have arrived in Norway and are in our temporary apartment, and will be moving to the permanent place on May 1st.

    Glad to see there were over 5000 new posts since my last visit a week ago!

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    Welcome back, and welcome to Scandinavia! So, how's Europe been treating you so far?

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    Welcome back, welcome to Norway!

    (Good luck trying to understand the Stavanger dialect though. It's horrid!)

    PS: Feel free to PM me, if I can help out with info on anything here in Norway.

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    Thanks for the welcome back. Yes, the Norwegian will be a challenge. Having spent the week in Germany prior to my arrival, I find myself using German accidentally, but have been assured that German is widely understood here. I will get better about using my Norwegian. Also still getting used to the prices. $115 for two bags of basic groceries! I have to learn not to do the conversion and just see the prices in NOK and maybe that will help.

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