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    My apologies if this has been discussed already. But I am in need of an affordable overnight diaper. I've been doing some research and ran across the Total Dry Overnights. Does anyone know if these are decent? They look similar to Wellness Superio, which are ok but don't fit me the greatest. I'm a bigger guy so fit is really essential. If anyone has any ideas or brands to look at let me know. Thanks

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    The only thing that I can use and not leak with is cloth. I switched to cloth for overnight and when I'm not at work and cut down to about 5 disposables a week. I have used Abena M4 and Northshore supreme overnight with some success but I'm 6' 220# about 36 waist. Hope this helps

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    Confidry 24/7 and fold the front waistband down inside.

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    I have found Seni Quatro to be a good fit. The tapes do really well when you have to reposition them and they have held three good wettings during the evening hours. XP Medical gives free samples, but you have to call (e-mail didn't work out so well) them. They also have samples of Abena, mentioned above.

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    The most affordable long-term overnight option is always going to be cloth. There's a big initial investment in diapers and plastic pants, but if taken care of, they will easily hit break-even with disposables within the first year, and last several years per set on the average.

    There's a huge variety of disposables available right now, in a wide range of capacities. Logically, better capacity costs more. So you're going to have to figure out what you need, and then find the lowest price point for that capacity. There's no one right answer for questions of "best value" where needs vary.

    If you're talking about TotalDry XPlus, those are the medical base model for the bambino classico/bianco/teddy. Quality is high (they're good at not leaking), and capacity is enough for the average person for overnight. Don't mistake them for TotalDry Plus, that's the same shape but much lower capacity. Buy a bag to sample.

    They are probably a bit higher at bambino's page, but I see two bags are $60 shipped ( A case of 48 is $84 shipped. So about $2/pc, which is a bit high. It looks like they've raised the price on them quite a bit, they're now almost identical price to their ABDL variety.

    I did a brief google search and can't find them a lot cheaper, and most of the hits there aren't adding in shipping, so probably ends up around the same price. *shrug* Good diapers ain't cheap.

    ABDLShop sells Carousel diapers, which are the same physical model but better padding than bambino's regular diapers, and they cost less. (go figure?) $140 ships a case of 80. If you're okay with the pattern but want to try something similar to that model, I'd suggest carousel. Their storefront doesn't seem to be working right now though?

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    For me Abena M4 are the sweet spot in a disposable night diaper. At a bit over a dollar apiece they’re affordable and most nights are sufficient for me.

    With cloth, I suggest you experiment small scale till you’re sure. If you’re willing to use towels or make your own (diapers) the initial cost could be as low if not lower than a case of disposables.

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