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Thread: Repairing my old baby pillow

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    Default Repairing my old baby pillow

    My pillow almost looks brand new!

    It looked sad and dirty and had a big rip in the side so I stitched it back up and put it through the wash.

    To me the dirty pillow symbolises the semi neglect I had as a child where I was told to wash my clothes last and wear my clothes until they smelt and where as a teenager I never got told how often to chnage my bed sheets and never got Oportunties to buy the adequate amount of clothing I needed and had to wear my same clothes multiple times a week before it got washed.

    But now the pillow is clean and repaired it symbolises me getting my life on track, my new makeover and better sense of hygiene thanks to my new step mum (thank you Julie!xx) the fact I will plenty of money soon and can carry on with my new wardrobe and buy things to pamper myself with and never neglect my needs ever again.

    It means a end of my old life and if i get a new baby pillow it symbolises my new life as a little and out with the old and in with the new me!

    Here it is! Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
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ID:	29767 i don't have a before picture of it.ok it's not perfect as you can still see a bit of discolouration of eyeores eyes but I makes me feel good and babylike now it's like it was back when I got it!

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    That's really special. I also had a "reunion" some months ago with my stuffed bunny Mr. Bunny that was given to me not long after I was born. I think the things we have from when we really were babies are the most special to us as ABs.

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    It made me smile when I saw how it came out, I would be devastated the day, it's so old I can't fix it or it crumbles apart.

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