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Thread: I just got my first samples delivered!

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    Cool I just got my first samples delivered!

    I've been wondering when these were going to start to show up. I requested several different free samples to try out different diapers and I had my first two arrivals. To be honest, I don't remember where all the different places were I was trying to get some freebies from. But hopefully thses will give me a good idea of fit and help sort out the obvious junk.

    In a plain flat mailing envelope, I found a Medium/Regular McKesson Ultra Plus Stretch Briefs in a zip-lock baggie. These are going to be worth trying out since it is one of my limited choices from one of the "local" medical supply stores. I must note that they do look pretty thin but they may be good for more descrete wear and I would hope that they would at least be a step up from the Depend pull ups I've been wearing lately.

    The second is the Tena Small/Medium Briefs Trial Kit. I must say that they put a little thought in this package. It came in a nice box--inside the discrete shipping box--and had some nice stuff in there. I got a Ultra Stretch and a Super Stretch Brief in Medium/Regular as well as a Small Brief. I believe that the latter is too small but if I was desperate I may be able to make it work since I keep on hearing how a lot of different diaper fans manage to get into a child-sized diaper. The shorts that I am wearing now are 44's but I have lost a few inches since I have bought them and my weight is now finally going down--I have to wear a belt or they will just fall down to my ankles. I was building muscle and losing fat so my weight was not dropping for a bit. So it's not like I'm tens of inches larger than the diaper is sized for.

    The Tena's look just a little thicker than the McKesson but they still seem thin--or is that normal for a lot of diapers nowadays?

    I also like the included extras in there. The coupon was an expected touch but I'll have to try out the washcloths and cleansing cream. With the flushable wipes I have been used to using, I have run into sensitivity problems with all but the Walmart Equate brand. But if these won't bother me i may have to buy some more of these. We cannot flush our wipes anyway with our septic system so they could go into the can we have for the regular dirty wipes.

    I haven't been in a tabbed diaper since I found those diapers in the attic of the place we were living in when I was a teen. I'm getting close to the end of the second bag of pullups I have bought and have been wearing continuously since I got them. I know I'll get both good and sub-par item with the samples but it's free diapers and I'm exploring all the different kinds I can get my hands on. I'll likely have to spend some money on other samples--the Wellness brand looks interesting and there's a lot of other great premium diapers out there to try. But I'm working my way up.

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    I can't comment on any of the brands you are about to try (being unfamiliar with them) but excellent you have something new to try.

    Remember to post your successes and rejections for others who might want to try them too.

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    I know I have more coming as well. We'll see what shows up over time. Also I have noticed that some people will love diapers that others hate. lol But I'll try to post my opinions. But one diaper is not perfect for getting a good opinion.

    As for the Tena's--I has to search a little to get this specific sample. I had to go to Products -> Briefs (It doesn't matter if you select men's or women's briefs) -> Free Trial in the Stretch Ultra Briefs and the Small/Medium Kit will be what they offer.

    Some of the selections will take you to the sample pack I got, others will take you to the questionnaire that gets you to different pull up kits or pads--the same selection if you select free sample from the home page--but selecting the Bariatric briefs sample will get you to Bariatric sample kit with a XXL and a XXXL brief with the wipes and cleanser for our larger-sized diaper lovers.

    Tena only allows you to get one sample per year and only four in a lifetime. I don't remember where I requested the McKesson from but it shipped from the manufacturer.

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    OK, I discovered that I got my size wrong and all of these are a bit small. The McKesson was not really forgiving and doesn't fit. The Tena seemed a little better bit it was too small. After some research, I did some measurements and well crap, I'm around a 46" around my widest.

    I have seen sizing charts that not only look at you waist, but also weith and height and that seems to really shoot up the sizes for some diapers. I could try getting some samples--and I'll likely have to spend money on some--to find my right size.

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    Yeah at 46" you're definitely going to need larges, possibly even xl. And yeah, most all manufacturers are going for thinner and less padding. They call it discreet, but I fail to see how a thin diaper that has leaked is anywhere close to discreet. If you want good performance you'll need thicker padding in a premium diaper.

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    My wife thinks I should stick with the pullups since they are easy to put on but I believe that I need something more absorbent.

    Now I'm 6'2" and currently around 270 lbs. I have seen size charts that take these into account but it seem that the recommended sized using those charts has a much larger waist size than what I measure out to. I need to get more samples...sigh...

    I did try the McKesson and wetted it heavily. It held up to all the pee but the diaper just seems pretty flimsy. I don't think I'll be buying that brand. It did illustrate to me that a tabbed diaper does hold more pee though. The pull ups are OI but I think I have to change more.

    I think the Tena's are OK since they are more sturdy and a larger size could be more comfortable. Now are the stretch diapers just a specific style since the MeKennon and Tena were both listed as "stretch?"

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    Well, I HAD to get some diapers today since now all i have are two pullups. I was at a different Walmart and found the Assurance tabbed/Velcro briefs. Yes, it's low quality but it does illustrate the difference between a diaper that fits versus one that doesn't. If these cheap diapers work just a little better than the pullups then I have a case that tabbed is better but I need to have some evidence to present.

    My wife was thinking I should stick with pullups since with the too small diapers, I had to lay down to get them on. With the right size now, I can put these on standing up. I think that even these cheap diapers should be able to hold more than a pullup and it does have the double leg gathers. I was also able to pick up some disposable liner pads too and I only paid around $3 more for both than just the one bag of pullups. I also get two more diapers in the deal. I know there's better but I am "just exploring" and I will work my way up.

    I almost thought that these were going to be just as cheaply made as the McKesson but the Assurance Stretch Briefs with tabs actually look better then the McKesson diapers. I'm sure that they won't hold a candle to a premium diaper but as long as I'm getting better diapers in even a small way, I'll call it a win and work my way up as I go along.

    This really shows me how important getting the right size is. I'll also need a bit more practice diapering myself but that'll happen as I go along. I know that this seem to be a convoluted way to get there but my DL side is deeply closeted but I hope over time I can slowly let it out as to seem like I'm accepting and then just trying to make the best out of being in diapers with my usual sense of humor. In the whole scheme of things, wearing a diaper is small potatoes to some of my other potential health problems.

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    Well, after a weekend in these new diapers, I can say that at first, lying down I leaked like crazy. I know it was partly the diaper but it was also where I was attaching the Velcro on the Assurance Briefs. There is an art I suppose to taping securely enough to allow the gather to do their job while not attaching it in a way where the diaper will creep down your booty.

    These are certainly not the greatest diapers and I think that perhaps having to go through a bag of sub-par diapers will allow me to better appreciate good diapers when I start getting them. It's sort of like a typical computer or console RPG where you start off with weak gear and you work yourself up to something good. lol

    I've still been wearing 24/7, only going to the toilet for a BM in-between changes. It is hard for me to explain but while a certain thrill--or was it the newness--of the experience is muted, I am still, quite aware that I'm wearing and again, it feels natural--it feels right. I want to find better and more comfortable diapers but overall, I believe I can do this. It probably doesn't hurt that I felt like I was heading in this direction anyway since I realize that I was showing early signs of Urge Incontinence before. I can live diapered since well, I do like wearing and having a leaky bladder for me is not as bad as when my tremors kick off badly and I start looking like I'm flailing. So now I have drier pants and I get a certain sense of comfort. My Parkinson's is still a bitch but I have been already living with that for a few years now.

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    You should order a case of Confidry 24/7 in your size Large or XL (they run slightly larger than most diaper sizing so it is ok if you are on the low end of size chart).
    I think you will be amazed at the difference a quality diaper makes. Also plastic backed briefs are way better for most of us that wear diapers.
    I fold the front waistband down inside to prevent leaks when laying down and/or pointing up.

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    Seconded. If you like assurance well enough then you'll be blown away by good or even premium diapers.

    For 24/7 use it makes more sense, and is often cheaper overall, to go with premium diapers. I highly recommend confidry larges (they are cut larger than ither diapers so they should fit you about right).

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