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    On the USA show "Today" they talk about swaddling being all the rage in Japan. One of the hosts, Savannah, wraps up another host, Matt Lauer. I first saw it on FB and, of course, the comments are not very nice, but perhaps this is a baby step towards acceptance?

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    An interesting idea and one that I'm sure merits a scientific study or two into the effects it has on human psychology and stress. However, I doubt that this phenomenon in Japan will cross to western society since the point is being wrapped up and left at someone's mercy, a concept that the independence loving will find disturbing. I look hopeful at this but for the most it seems like a tiny oddity in a sea of normality.
    Also, it's swaddling, not swaddlind.

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    This story was lagging way behind. It must have been a slow news day. Most of the stories about it were back in January and February. I thought this one was sort of an interesting personal account:

    I don't think it's going to amount to much for us but it's good for a laugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    This story was lagging way behind.
    I was unaware. But, yes, it is good for a chuckle.

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    I'd let almost anyone swaddle me if it relieved me of my back pain. It would be kind of hard to get my chores done, though.

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    Oh... I am really into the idea of swaddling right now... hafta go search for blankets and English tutorials!

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    being swaddled seems fun, but how would one swaddle themselves?

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