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    Hi all,

    Looking for a very old story from the early internet. It was about a bratty kid who got footie pajamas for Christmas as some kind of punishment, and had to wear them for a while as part of it. He then starts to like them and other BDL things. I have no idea where I found it or when, but I know it was out there. Anyone know which one I mean?

    I always liked it because it focused on the sleeper a lot, which I always liked just as much as, if not more than, diapers.


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    If it was about children, it probably was a D**ker story. He no longer has a site as his site was shady with shades of pedophilia. Kids and footed jammies is probably a common theme among ABs so it or other stories like it may appear on other sites. If you type in AB/DL stories into Google search, story sites will come up, but there will be a lot to read through with no guarantee it will be there.

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