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Thread: Bambino Magnificio Pull Ups Review

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    Default Bambino Magnificio Pull Ups Review

    Note: May not be able to upload pictures as I do not understand how to get the pictures to my phone.
    I recently discovered that Bambino was producing a new ABDL Pull Up. After ordering a sample I've decided to write a review.

    To start off, appearance wise, they are meh. The best way to describe them would be an early 2000s white goodnite print with the waistband of a granny panty pull up. The design is limited to a small area of the pull up where the absorbent material is, consisting of dinosaurs.

    The waistband of the pull up is very thick, with a thin blue line running around the entire top. It is a woven design, reminding me strongly of depends or some other granny panty style pull up.

    The waistband is very deep into the diaper. If you prefer to have your ding dong pointing upwards, then you're gonna have a bad time with this pull up. The padding is very low. The leak guards are non existent, and mine did not leak only because they are ever so slightly loose.

    Long story short, these were not very good at the end of the day. The padding is sub par, leak guards non existent, elastic looks like granny panties. The only redeeming quality with these pull ups is they are a good step in the right direction. For one of the very first attempts on the market of an adult pull up, these are non half bad.

    Suggestions: To start off, these pull ups cannot be only white colored. A large majority of people who want adult pull ups are looking for something that can be used for training age play.

    The elastic material should be flat, similar to a Goodnite. When the elastic material is wavy or ribbed, it reminds people of adult pull ups for the elderly. This is undesirable. The elastic material should also be mostly around the legs and not really on the front or back besides around the very top.

    The pull up should be completely colored. Be it blue, pink, whatever. White reminds people of adult pull ups for the elderly, which is, once again, undesirable. Designs should cover most of the diaper, besides the elastic around the calf and thighs that actually holds the diaper up. A little sag is ok.

    The leak guards should be high, possible dual, to stop leaks. Leaks are very prevalent with pull ups as they are usually looser, since you cannot adjust the size.

    Part of the age play could include messing. These pull ups should be able to hold a sizable mess, so they should be high in the back.

    Overall, after consulting some of the other abdls I know, we offer one huge piece of advice. Do not try to babyify adult pull ups, size up children's pull ups such as goodnites for adults.

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    The cvs overnight underwear is the closest thing your going to get to a goodnite. It's got the flat waist bands and their very absorbent and made by kimberly Klark

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    Amusing that the Bambino site still shows zero reviews for these. I'm pretty sure that if they'd received even one positive review, it would have been posted immediately. D'oh.

    I really like the Magnifico diapers. The lack of innovation in these pull-ups is a big step backwards. They really should have waited until the equipment could support the vision.

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    I didn't care for them either. I even tried to post a review, but it didn't go through.

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