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Thread: I Am Pee Shy In Public Bathrooms & How Diapers Allow Me To Pee

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    Default I Am Pee Shy In Public Bathrooms & How Diapers Allow Me To Pee

    I know for some people diapers don't fix them from being pee shy, but for me I am able to pee anywhere in public b/c no one knows I am peeing. The main reason people can't pee in public is the shame of people knowing there peeing. I have trouble going in stalls or urinals but I can go practical go anywhere if I can go into a single bathroom. Some people have it so bad they can't pee at home if someone around outside the door then they can't go. I think for some peeing in a diaper can fix their problem if they work on it.I think the reason they have problem peeing in a diaper is they think subconscious people can still notice them peeing or their brain tricks them some how, well that ain't the case for me.

    But for me diapers allows me to pee when I can't find a bathroom I am able to pee. Sometimes I just wait until people leave a bathroom and I use a stall but sometimes it's hard if it busy or I think someones going to walk in. I have had this problem as long as I remember. It kind makes it hard for dating hey I am going to have wear a diaper when we go out to dinner or like a theme park or something it becomes a hassle. I also wear them to work. As a kid my parents let me wear diapers for this purpose as they realized I had this problem b/c I realized peeing my pants as I couldn't go when really had to I was able to pee my pants b/c no one sees you going to bathroom if your peeing your pants, but afterwards they will lol.
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    It must be nice. I have to have some serious concentration to pee in public. I find it easier if nobody is looking or if I have to pee badly. Once I was in Walmart when I had to pee so bad I easily let go in front of many in my diaper. But that only happened once

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    I call it performance anxiety. When I was younger I had a hard time using a urinal if there were guys behind me. One time in school I couldn't go cause I realized the guy next to me was pleasuring himself.

    But with age I have come to the point where I can pretty much pee on demand. Diapers when I'm out and about are inconvenient to change, but I do wear pull ups when going to places with few or icky bathrooms (Wally Mart) just in case I have to go. I also dribble after I go so wearing khaki pants at work is risky.

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    I used to be okay going in urinals, now if there's anyone nearby I have to use a stall. Peeing in diapers in public is a little difficult but I'm getting better

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    I hate trying to pee in a public restroom. I'll always use the stall rather than a urinal. I didn't use to have that problem until I went to school in college which was a music conservatory. Typically the guy or guys using the next urinal would stare at my junk because they were all gay. It was unnerving and it freaked me out to the point that I couldn't perform into a urinal. I find it easier now that I'm older and being able to pee into a diaper while in bed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scaramouche View Post
    Diapers when I'm out and about are inconvenient to change, but I do wear pull ups when going to places with few or icky bathrooms (Wally Mart) just in case I have to go.
    Nowadays when I'm going somewhere where I know the restroom situation is less than ideal, I'll wear some form of padding. It may not get used, but at least it's there as a sort of security blanket.

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    I had the exact same problem. I'm recently incontinent but before that I avoided urinals for years. I was fine with them when I was younger but as I got older I kind of realised that I'm really private and whipping my genitals out right beside other people wasn't something I was comfortable with, so I began to use the stalls. However I began to find this equally as bad as they were normally disgusting and I started to wear nappies/pull ups more and more in day to day life, and now all the time obviously. Even if I wasn't incontinent I think I'd have to do the same thing because any experiences I've had with public bathrooms in recent times have made me genuinely upset.

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    I have a similar issue and am also fairly pee-shy. I will almost always wait for a stall simply because I can't pee with others around and will freeze up and then get anxious as people wonder "Why is he just standing in front of the urinal and not peeing?". Yeah, I'll just wait in the line for a stall.

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    As a lifelong Pee Shy person, what a relief to know there are others who have it as bad as me. I can NEVER use public urinals, always have to wait for a stall to open up. And YES, oddly enough, I can wet myself in public if I am wearing a diaper.

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    I also have a shy bladder. I wear a diaper when I know it will be an issue, but sometimes I have trouble using by diaper if others are nearby. But it allows me to try and find a place off by myself before I wet it.

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