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    Just for some embarrassing fun, I went and purchased some l/xl goodnites for myself, and only reasin it makes me a little embarrassed is because I'm a thin guy, to some I look like these pull ups would actually fit me really well.

    It's been some time. But I'm sure these don't fit me like they did a few years ago, despite my body physically not changing much. They must have changed the product design. I do like the leak guards they put in now, and the pull up still function decently, just has a low rise around the waist.

    Any other pull up diapers that are in retail stores that are more like the older goodnites?

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    I've never tried Goodnites growing up so its hard to compare another type of pull up with Goodnites, & I'm not a diaper/brief expert but here's my comment if it helps.

    My only recommendation is to try to go to Walmart or a dollar store that sells adult diapers/pull ups....Dollar General has some, & my mother bought me some pull ups from Family Dollar (even though I told her not to). Not all adult pull ups you get in stores are good for prevention of leaks (maybe for some people depending on their bladder control)....if your looking for pull ups that'll fit you perfectly my only best bet is to try & go to a store like Family Dollar, their pull ups suck but if you find the right size & a good price then you probably got yourself a gold mine.

    Someone on my post similar to this said that the Assurance brand that Walmart sells is super-cheap but they leak just by thinking about it, never tried those but if they leak because of how cheap they are don't go for those (then again that's your choice not mine), now if going to a store or two or more doesn't help....then you could simply shop online. They might have some of the Goodnites brand you prefer selling on ebay or Amazon (that depends on your size today), but if either websites don't have any Goodnites brand that you think will fit you then maybe try finding a different pull up brand online you think its best....I recommend the Abena M4, I've never tried the pull up version only the double tape version but surely those would fit perfectly for you (again your choice not mine). You don't have to get them though that was just a suggestion, good luck.

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    I wore goodnites as a kid for bedwetting and for being pee shy so many I wore them .

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    I think that if you want taller goodnites, go to kroger and get some nite pants -- they are Kimberly Clark-made from 2012 and plain white. Also, the Family Dollar has a Kimberly Clark, that is unisex and has yellow stars on it. If you want some, just PM me.

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    I've found that GoodNites can work well as a booster for a larger diaper.

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