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Thread: Panty pooping? When did this begin?

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    Default Panty pooping? When did this begin?

    I gave this a go tonight. It's been months since I've done this. For me it gives the extreme toddler/preschooler feeling of oops I pooped my pants! Probably because the last time I did it I was 4yrs old and on purpose. My mom and I were over visiting a friend of hers who I really disliked. I asked numerous times if we could go home, only to be told no. I had this amazing I idea that if I pooped my pants we could go home. So I went back over to the corner here I was playing with some toys and unleashed a massive load into my pants. I then waddled over to my mom and whispered to her that I had an accident. We left immediately. I then realized that I had to ride my tricycle 2 blocks to our house. Sitting in it and enjoying it every minute. At this point I realized how much I enjoyed it but never did it again until 20yrs later. Anyone else have any interesting pants pooping memories from when they were a child? At this point I prefer pooping in my diaper as it gives a more babyish feeling but due to the "accident" in my pants this evening, I will definitely be wearing a thick diaper to bed tonight.

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    I had roughly similar origin stories.

    I haven't messed in quite a while though. The activity itself was only satisfying when I thought the payoff would be manipulating someone into caring for me.

    The reward never came so that was society's negative reinforcement as it were. Now incinerator and use, it's mostly just wetting as that has its own benefits and the cleanup is easier.

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    I'm not sure what it is but I have the urge to poop myself every time I need to poop! As a kid I remember once I was in preschool playing and my stomach didn't feel right. I was probably around 4 as well. I was too embarrassed to ask my teacher to go to the bathroom so I just pooped myself and continued to play until it was time to leave. My mom immediately noticed when she picked me up and was not happy. However that wasn't the only time I literally pooped myself both on accidents and on purpose over the years. I even pooped in my sleep as a kid without knowing. Fast forward about 19 years for myself I still poop myself with exception I don't have a lot of control anymore because my ibs sometimes gets so bad my butt will literally not hold it. I've been in and out of diapers since I was 17 it's the best

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    It has been only 3 years since I shat my pants accidentally.

    Last time it was an accident, was when I thought my dad was in the bathtub (the bathroom door was closed) so I tried to go outside and go behind a tree but I didn't make it and crapped all over Stewie Griffin.

    Going back to when I was twelve, I had to poop in the middle of the night but I couldn't make it to the can because I couldn't see in the dark.

    Back when I was six the same thing happened, but I was right next to the potty when that accident happened.

    Then there was the time when I was five, playing with these two girls. Suddenly I crap inside my undies and didn't notice until they told me about it. So my dad had to clean me up and put me back into diapers.

    I've also had #1 accidents but that's for another time.

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    I had accidents as a kid up until I was around 9. Sometimes it was because I was distracted with playing while sometimes they were legit. Due to living at home I think I've only been able to do it once or twice in the last year when my parents were on holiday. It's always just something that felt good. Whether it was solid and you have to grunt like a toddler to get it out or one moment your find the next you have liquid mud in your pants. I've always enjoyed it in undies or diapers.

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    I specifically remember a day at art class in kindergarten when I had an accident and pooped my pants. The teachers sort of gave me special treatment, and my mother was contacted. I remember not minding the mess though, I just hated the cleanup. It was a couple months ago that I decided to try messing in my diaper. It wasn't a bad experience. I just won't do it all the time, as the cleanup is extensive compared to wetting.

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    I don't think I'd ever try it in my pants as the cleanup would be a bit more difficult, with a diaper though it can be easier so sometimes I do it.

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    I don't mind letting a mess out in my briefs and jeans , I mess more often in my pants then in a diaper , it feels so good and yet so naughty at the same time, clean up is what it is and doesn't bother me much. I have done it for many years and have never been caught

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleJ123 View Post
    . I remember not minding the mess though, I just hated the cleanup.
    To me, having a load in the back of my Pull-Up or diaper feels pretty nice. The clean-up, however, is not so nice. I usually clean up pretty soon after the deed is done, but if it wasn't for stinking up the house or my refusal to sit down in my mess, I would probably stay in it longer.

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    I have done it before too, I don't think it's worth doing it unless you like it and still it's a mess.

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