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Thread: NEW!! Comfort Nite pants W/ prints

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    Default NEW!! Comfort Nite pants W/ prints

    Just bought these at my local Fry's looks pretty sweet!

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    Where did you find those and if, are they in America?

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    He got them at Fry's, which is a grocery store chain in the US in Southeast Arizona. Fry's is owned by Kroger. Oh, and they look pretty cool!
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    We have Fry's here where we live too (I live in AZ). Though, I doubt they would fit my chubby body. :c

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    Actually I dont live in Arizona, I just did a search for Frys when I did the post.

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    what states are these sold in?? Im a big fan of goodnite generics!

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    Unless some of Kroger's other grocery stores have the same designs, All the Fry's are in AZ.
    Kroger has Kroger of course, but they also own other grocery stores.

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    Well I live in AZ so these I've never seen they were sitting right next to the plain white Nite pants they sell lol

    I would think all Kroger/Fry's would stock them soon but I don't want to make any empty promises. :/

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