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    Greetings ADISC!

    I'm LittleJ123. I am a recent college graduate with an AA degree in psychology. I enjoy playing musical instruments (guitar, drums, bass, piano, even vocals!) I currently own my own business and am considering future college education (possibly in music).

    Ever since I was very young (three or four years old), I have had an interest in diapers, onesies, bottles etc. I never fully understood it until many years later when I found this site and others. It was comforting to know that there are other people out there like me. I no longer have to enjoy these things in secret - I'm not as abnormal as I once thought.

    My most significant hobby is music. I enjoy recording/producing my own songs, and have a couple albums worth of music that I hope to one day put on iTunes and Spotify. I also enjoy playing "Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed" on my X-Box, and "Super Mario Brothers" on my Wii.

    I hope to find support and encouragement here from other AB/DLs and Littles who share my interests and desires. I look forward to being apart of a space that allows me to be who I am. I also hope to provide support and encouragement to others who need it. Please bear with me as I've never been apart of a forum before, and it may take me a while to learn how to use it.

    I look forward to meeting everyone.

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    Welcome Littlej

    I hope you enjoy the group! I sure have. Keep writing those songs, maybe we'll be singing them someday.

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    Welcome LittleJ! I don't make or perform music but I've been around a lot of musicians growing up. I'm also a fan of chip tunes and music made on the old computers such as the Amiga using any of the different Tracker or music editor programs.

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    Welcome on board!
    Sorry I am a bit curious but you mentioned that you have a graduation in psychology: Have you ever done some research about the psychological component of the ABDL thing and found something interesting?

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    No problem! I love curiosity! ABDL was actually part of the reason a decided to study Psychology in college. The problem is, other than a brief listing of liking diapers as a sexual fetish in the DSM, the psychology realm as a whole doesn't have much to offer as to why we want diapers and or other childlike things. There are many theories however, like the transitional item theory (diapers become sort of like what a stuffed animal is in terms of helping people transition through tough and stressful times as they grow up), The sexual theory (during puberty, the adolescent is overwhelmed with the sexual progression as a whole, and as a result turns to diapers - which become a turn on), and the emotional theory (diapers and other childlike items become an emotional coping mechanism for the ebbs and flows of life). Each of these theories are incomplete though in a sense because more often than not an ABDL has a blend of these things going on. I left college rather disappointed about this, but grew to discover that being an ABDL is just the way God made me and I don't have to understand it all fully to be happy with my life. I hope my answer helps. I would love to discuss this further...

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    Hi LittleJ,
    thanks for your answer. It's really interesting and helpful!
    I think the process itself can start at a very young age.
    For me it started around age 3 or at least this is as far as I can remember.
    It was in kindergarten.
    I can remember that it was sort of a blend of curiosity and doing something that is kind of prohibited or not liked by society.
    But I think the original cause is before the age I can remember. I think the transitional item theory describes it well because there was a really formative influence on me.
    Maybe the sexual aspect can grow out of the feeling doing something prohibited.
    And then the comfort and the feeling that you don't have to care about anything stressful. Yeah it's kinda overwhelming. I think this is not only graved in our brain, I think it is mostly in every cell of our body.
    Deposited during the process of growing up.
    So with that spoken we wouldn't accept and agree with our body and all we are if we would not accept the AB/DL in us. But I think this is something that most outsiders will just barely understand.
    How was it for you around age 3 or 4 when you discovered it. I mean how or what was the feeling? Something similar to what I have experienced or anything else?

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    Hey Hugfix!
    My parents said that I was potty trained young, almost completely cold turkey a little before 2 years old. You're correct, I was about 3 or 4 when I discovered an attraction to diapers. I was playing "family" with siblings one day, and my part to play was the baby. I remember inquiring of my parents to wear diapers to make the part more believable. They were fine with it as long as I didn't actually use them. I loved wearing the diapers, and often would ask them if I could "play baby" simply to be able to run around the house diapered.

    Long story short, I was playing baby one day with siblings and put off going to pee because I was having too much fun. Eventually, I made a mad dash to the bathroom - about to burst. I was just about to pull off the tabs of my diaper when it happened: I began to wet myself. I remember a sigh of relief quickly followed by a flood of warmth. I remember feeling comfort and excitement. I was amazed that the "baby" diaper held my wetting. I felt invincible...until my parents found out. They resolved that I shouldn't wear diapers (even for pretend) from then on.

    I begged and begged them to let me wear again. I desired that comfort and security. They simply told me: "no". From that moment on, I realized a few things about myself: I loved to wear diapers. I loved to be babied. For me, wearing diapers and acting little made me feel like my true self. I wanted to be a happy diapered care-free toddler, but the fact that my parents disagreed with what I found comforting was hard for me to reconcile.

    So, I kept it to myself. Every couple years or so, I would pop the question again - often in different ways. I experimented with trying to make diapers throughout my childhood and teen years, and finally got the guts to purchase some adult Pull-ups from Walmart when I was 16. I wore in secrecy for two years. When I turned 18, I approached my parents again, explaining to them that I liked wearing diapers, snuggling with my plushies, playing with Legos, and watching kids shows. Ever since then, they've been here to support me, but also have let me make my own decisions when it comes to what I like to do.

    I've had many discussions with them trying to figure out where my desires really began for me. Was it an inharent ABDL desire when I expressed wanting to play the baby in our "family" game? Was it perhaps the elation I felt when I wet my diaper for the first time? I have not fully been able to answer that question. Ever since I was 3 I have always liked diapers, and not long before that I was in diapers, so I've had these feelings practically my whole life.

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    Hi LittleJ123, welcome Hope you find friends and something about yourself.

    Your story is interesting. I'm interested about the part 'coming out of the closet' - talking about it with parents. Did you know you are not the only one when you came out? When did you find out? From what you write, I guess, your parents are fine with it but would you mind explaining the details? What was their reaction?

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    Hey BabyJacob!

    Sure I can elaborate. I learned about other ABDL's online when I was about 15. By the time I told my parents at 18, I was well aware of the depth of the community. I spoke with each parent individually as the right time came about. I simply told them that I had not been entirely honest with them about what I'm into and what I enjoy. They both listened quietly as I explained my desires, and while they seemed to promote moderation leading to total abstinence, at the end of the day we concluded that it was harmless as long as it didn't negatively affect my life. I asked them if they wanted me to get rid of my diapers, and they basically said "no, keep them for now". I haven't talked with them since, and it may come as a shock to them to still find me into diapers and stuff, but every once and awhile I'll make a comment about a baby commercial, or show them one of the shirts I bought from the boys section with a t-Rex on the front, and they are cool with it. Don't get me wrong though, I still do my ABDL activities in private and in moderation. It's not like I can just run around our house in diapers and everyone would be ok with it. Who knows, maybe one day...

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