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Thread: Pampers 6 and 7 (Europe and North America) (need CRUISERS 7 user)

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    Default Pampers 6 and 7 (Europe and North America) (need CRUISERS 7 user)

    I live in Europe and I use Pampers diapees. Also I am big fan of this brand.
    I use Pampers size 6 for more than 10 years.
    Pampers introduced new version of diapees in third/fourth quarter 2016.
    Main feature of new version is "3 ABSORBING CHANNELS". (I will call it version 2017)

    But I also noticed that Pampers introduced size 7! (IN EUROPE)
    Pampers Baby Dry 7.

    I got few samples and I measured (repeatedly) the length of Pampers 7 and it is 55,6cm.
    Pampers 6 has 55,5cm.
    They are practically same.
    A friend of mine told me that the stretching tapes can be stretch a bit longer (than size 6). (i didn't measured that)

    Here are lengths of Pampers baby dry 3-7, version 2017.
    Pampers 3 43,5cm
    Pampers 4 47,5cm
    Pampers 5 51,5cm
    Pampers 6 55,5cm
    Pampers 7 55,6cm
    (note the "plus" versions (like Pampers baby dry 5+) stands for extra absorption, dimensions are the same)

    The difference between each size is 4 cm.
    So Pampers 7 should have 59,5cm.
    It is just re-branded size 6.

    Compare it for yourself: size 6 and size 7

    I know that in North America is also size 7 - Pampers Cruisers. (in Europe named as "Active Fit" or "Premium Care").
    That is different version from Active Baby.
    European versions of Active Fit/Premium Care have the same lengths as Baby Dry. (So Pampers Active Fit 6 is 55,5cm)

    I consider to order Pampers Cruisers 7 from US but I would like know the actual dimensions - the length. (so i knew it is same or longer than size 6)

    Is somebody here who has PAMPERS CRUISERS SIZE 7?
    It would be the best if those diapees were made this year because I would got recently manufactured.

    If there is somebody - I am asking for the measuring of length.

    You don't have to pin the diapee as I do. It can be done with just two hands and tape measure.
    (put the tape measure (opened!) under the diapee and then stretch out the diapee)

    Please - stretch the diapee so it is fully stretched and write here measured length. (i will convert inch to cm)

    Thank you very much!

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    Sadly, there is not much difference in the US version as well. It's like Pampers just slapped the number 7, It should have been 59.5cm or larger.

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    So because nobody send any measured data... i continued diggin.
    And it confirmed the info given by 12srepaid.

    So if there will be somebody lookin for the same information as i did - here it is.

    Pampers Cruisers 7 is the same length as Pampers Baby Dry 6.

    Pampers Cruisers 7 length is 55,3cm (Measured by ForeverSmall; 01-Aug-2013)
    Pampers Cruisers 7 length is 56cm (Measured by Cottontail; Q3 2011/31-Jul-2012)
    "Cruisers 7 is the same size as Baby Dry 6" (Cottontail; 25-Feb-2015)

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    Yeah it's a scam by Pampers, because some parents will pay for these "bigger" diapers when they need it for their kids yet they're the same size

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20170822_182546.jpg 
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    Miss old Cruisers size 7 so much. The sides were stronger, stretchier, longer and the scent was stronger. Even miss the sag lol. Tried to measured.

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    Here in the US, the current champ is Luvs 6. It's (so far) retained the 56cm length previously shared with Baby Dry 6 and Cruisers 7. Hopefully it hangs on and doesn't shrink like the others, but I suspect it's only a matter of time.

    Quote Originally Posted by CookieMonstah
    Yeah it's a scam by Pampers, because some parents will pay for these "bigger" diapers when they need it for their kids yet they're the same size
    Oh, ye of little faith! But really, I don't think Pampers is trying to sell small diapers to people who need big ones. If they believed there was a need for bigger diapers, they'd surely just fill it. Instead, they're actually reducing the sizes of their diapers, apparently admitting that they were oversized. I think the real business strategy here is: More sizes = more money. You had seven diaper sizes before, N-6, and now you've got N-7. Stores have to stock another size, and parents will probably end up buying another size, even if they never use size 7 (because all the other sizes are closer together now). The fact that Pampers sizing is now (apparently) incompatible with Huggies means that parents are more likely to feel locked in, too.

    But really, parents are used to having a b'jillion sizes to choose from. There are eight children's clothing sizes between newborn and 24 months, and then you're into the 2T, 3T, 4T, etc.

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    I agree with Cottontail. Luvs size 6 are the biggest and best! I also think they have more absorbency but I could be wrong

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    I remember when the cruiser line 1st came out, I bought a bag of size 6's with there very cheap cottony stretch sides, these size 6's were equivalent to baby dry size 4's at the time (pre caterpillar stretch sides)

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    I brought Pampers pull-ups "Pampers pants 6" (Europe).
    It was previous version (generation) of Pampers diapees (2014-2016).

    It should be size 6. But regular Pampers baby dry 6 or active fit 6 is 55,5cm long.
    But this diapee is just 49cm!

    Pampers size 4 is 47,5cm and size 5 is 51,5cm.
    So it is between size 4 and 5. And they call it size 6.

    Pampers baby dry 6 and Pampers pants 6:

    It is huge disappointment when you expect size 6 and there is just useless size 4 and the half.

    I am aware that pull-up diapees are not designed to keep so much liquid than regular diapees (coz kid is learning goin potty and pull-up is just safety for accidents).

    But I bought these because I had two pacs of "Pampers easy ups pants 6" with Bob the Builder from 2009. They were amazing!!! It was completely different from usual pampers diapees from back then and even present.
    Unfortunately they are not made anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soggygoodnites View Post
    I agree with Cottontail. Luvs size 6 are the biggest and best! I also think they have more absorbency but I could be wrong
    Luvs are better than Pampers. This is good news I must try!

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