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    thinking about ordering some bambinos, can you mix and match 2 bags of classicos,teddy, or bellisimos? I see a bag comes with 2 bags of the same type. also, if I take an enema what brand/type works best for bowel problems with no leaks?

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    The only option listed formally on their web page is a "variety case" of 2 bags of teddy, 2 classico, and 2 bianco. But last I checked they still offered you the option for a "mixed case". Place an order for a case of either of the three (which is usually six of one type only) and then email/call them with your order number and tell them what you'd like to have in the case. For example, three teddy, two bianco, and one classico, for a total of six bags. (or maybe half teddy and half classico, etc) Bellissimo isn't in the list because they're a different (more expensive) design.

    Hopefully one of these days they get their web site upgraded to do shopping cart mixing of cases. (iirc ABU does have this to a less flexible degree, but I bet if you contacted them they'd do the same)

    I haven't heard of anyone mixing two bags, but I suspect it works the same way. Just be sure to contact them as soon as you place your order so they get the change made before your order ships. Be sure to give them your order number.

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