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Thread: When is your favourite time...?

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    Default When is your favourite time...?

    When is your favourite time to with wet, mess or do both in your diaper? My top 3 are while I'm asleep, while standing on my patio having a smoke and dropping a deuce or while I'm driving. What do you enjoy the most??

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    I like it the most when I walking and letting little dribbles out.

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    I like to wet my diaper while walking, driving my car or sometimes in public. I always get a bit exalted inside me because of that 'I-shouldn't-do-this' feeling I get afterwards! Nevertheless, mostly while relaxing in the couch or in my bed at night.

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    I like the feeling when you partially wake up in the middle of the night having to pee and you just relax and let it flow into your diaper. You get that little tickle as it flows across your skin followed up by gush of warmth....makes me smile every time.

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    Most of the time I wear is in my private office. I don't have a bathroom on the same floor of the building where my office is, I love sitting in my office chair and just let it flow out.

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    I really don't have a favorite time. I do have some times that I don't like to do it though.

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    No favorite time for me. Just whenever I feel, and that is what makes it so special.

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    While sitting on the bench in my garden on a warm summer evening,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete67 View Post
    While sitting on the bench in my garden on a warm summer evening,
    Preferably before the mosquitoes get too bad. (there were VERY few this year for some reason)

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