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Thread: Is it unusual not liking AB nappies?

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    Default Is it unusual not liking AB nappies?

    I'm more into medical grade nappies especially purple Molicares. I do own a selection of AB nappies but more out off curiosity then anything else. I don't like the prints and I don't like even like the unprinted white ones because they are made for the AB market. I like anything medical looking. Do you think that is a rarity amount us?

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    No its all just personal preference.

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    I have similar preferences. I'm not a fan of the AB style diapers, although I do like them if they're all white. Its just personal preference.

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    Pure madness!

    Joking of course, I wouldn't hazard to guess the percentage but definitely their are others here that prefer medical looking diapers and even some that prefer pullons (weird lol).

    Gotta love your diapees in your own way!

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    To true argent to true.

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    We like what we like. Despite that, if you want the best diapers, these days ABDL diapers are the highest capacity. There are different things we want, so satisfy your own desires.

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    Perfectly normal. One nust remember that not everyone within this scene ageplays. Some simply enjoy the diapers as adults so grown up ones work best for them.

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    I prefer the same, not keen on the AB prints that side of things altogether....

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    While I'm not into AB lifestyle, I do like some of the AB style diapers, like the ones with pictures only on the tape panel. I also like the all white diapers, but not any other solid colored diapers.
    I do not care for any of the medical style diapers. In fact, they look rather depressing to me.
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    At least you don't get flamed like us who only like baby diapers lol...not that I care :p

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