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    Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well.

    I just bought a couple of kins pull up cloth diapers (my first ones)
    And I was wondering, has anyone tried to use this type of diapers under a disposable diaper? I mean, to use the disposable diaper as/instead of plastic pants?
    If I do, do you think I will have a leak because of the cloth diapers not being entire between the leak barriers?

    Also, do I need to know anything special about washing this pull up cloth diapers or can I just rinse them in the shower and wait for laundry day?

    Also, how much pee do you think a kins pull up cloth diaper can hold?

    Thanks in advance

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    I use Kins pull-up diapers as part of my regular supply of cloth diapers. I've never tried one of them as a liner for a disposable, but I suspect there could be major leaks as you described. I treat my cloth diapers alike regardless of brand: use a diaper pail with a detergent made for soaking diapers (search the internet if needed). They will be OK until wash day; but I don't know about just rinsing them in the shower... My Kins diapers are of average absorbency (not nearly as much as a high-quality disposable). Many nights I double up for better control--and I always use good quality plastic pants over the diapers. No regular leaks this way. Hope you like the Kins diapers.

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    Super, thank you very much I'm excited about them

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    I use kins pull up cloth diapers on top of my disposable and then a plastic pants on top of the whole, to avoid stains on my clothes in case my disposable leaks

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