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Thread: PAW Patrol ''Snuggle Up'' Pups/No Money for Baby Things

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    Default PAW Patrol ''Snuggle Up'' Pups/No Money for Baby Things

    I have a little Marshall I snuggle with every night, but I'd love to cuddle with this: Alas, with me having little disposable income, staying stocked on baby diapers and training pants is the about the most I can do nowadays. I almost bought an old pull-along train toy I found at an antique store on Saturday, but decided it just wasn't worth dropping the whole $5 on. It wasn't quite fair to my two-year-old self yesterday either, when I went to Toys R Us to look for solar-eclipse glasses, knowing I couldn't really treat myself to any goodies (I was too nervous with my mom along anyway). I try to make due with what I have, but... I'm an oversized toddler. I want stuff.

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    Awwwww. How cute! I wonder if hey have ones of Skye and/or Everest. O.O I know the feeling though... sort of. I'm lucky just to get what I can, and that's living with my parents as well. omg omg omg they DO have Skye: !!!!

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    Maybe I'll just be brave and ask my mom to get me this for Christmas... a little more exciting than the socks, bras, and underwear I usually ask for! (I was already planning on asking for PayPal gift cards to order diapers...)

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    Naw I know how ya feel. I've only just scraped enough money to some diapers myself. I settled on the Abu pre school ones. He's a cute one tho. Love paw patrol. Rubble is my favourite pup.

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    Showed it to my mom in Walmart today and said I wanted it for Christmas. I wonder if she can remember to get the right one... she'll probably need some reminders over the next three months.

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    Surprised your mum was ok with getting you that, mine would just've given me the "are you for real?" look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow456 View Post
    Surprised your mum was ok with getting you that, mine would just've given me the "are you for real?" look.
    Well my mom knows I'm into diapers and bottles and stuff so... she really can't be surprised.

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