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    Greetings everyone! Here is my introduction, although starting out I'm not too good at. Either way, I thought first about explaining my name. The "Dolphin" part does come from them being my favoirte animal. The "D" does stand for "Diaper." However I do feel like I had lack of originality when coming up with the name.

    In real life, while I don't live giving out too much personal information in first introductions, I will say that I am in college and I have bought adult diapers.

    As for personality, I am laid back with a type "B" personality. I enjoy playing games and being on the computer. For games I do enjoy multiple genres to action/adventure to first person shooters but not really "horror" games.

    I guess that is it for now. I hope this introduction was okay.

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    My parents told me a type "A" personality is someone who maybe athletic, one who would go outside and be more active while a type "B" personality is someone who is laid back and doesn't get out much. I hope that is a good way to explain what I mean, if not I appologize.

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    Never heard A-B personalities like that before. Anyway, thanks for the explanation, and welcome!

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    Welcome DolphinD. I think you're in good company with having a B personality. Don't be hesitant to post and get to know us. Then you will feel safer about telling more about yourself.

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    It's completely possible I will give more information out, like you said dogboy. However it may take time though to feel that safety. This is the first time being on a forum with a desire (is that a good word?) such as diapers. However I did pick a bad time to talk because it is bedtime, but I will be back tomorrow and answer any posts I may find.

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    Welcome to ADISC DolphinD. I too love dolphins : )

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    Welcome to the site! I have to agree, Dolphins are indeed pretty awesome.

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