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Thread: Frank Herbert's Stillsuits - The Ultimate Diaper and More?

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    Default Frank Herbert's Stillsuits - The Ultimate Diaper and More?

    I was thinking about the stillsuits form Herbert's Dune series and I realized that in a good sense, they are an advanced diaper and water reclamation system.

    "It's basically a micro-sandwich a high-efficiency filter and heat-exchange system. The skin-contact layer's porous. Perspiration passes through it, having cooled the body ... near-normal evaporation process. The next two layers . . . include heat exchange filaments and salt precipitators. Salt's reclaimed. Motions of the body, especially breathing and some osmotic action provide the pumping force. Reclaimed water circulates to catchpockets from which you draw it through this tube in the clip at your neck... Urine and feces are processed in the thigh pads. In the open desert, you wear this filter across your face, this tube in the nostrils with these plugs to ensure a tight fit. Breathe in through the mouth filter, out through the nose tube. With a Fremen suit in good working order, you won't lose more than a thimbleful of moisture a day..."

    --Dune by Frank Herbert
    It is an interesting concept though the technology required is still a bit advanced since there doesn't seem to be any worry about any microorganisms making those drinking the reclaimed water sick. While some people may be a bit grossed out at drinking water that was excreted from the body, in a real sense that's what we have been doing on Earth since life began. All water is recycled and filtered through an elegant natural process in life and we have utilized this technology in real life such as on the International Space Station. Another interesting idea is THIS.

    And interesting question to ask is were the desert Fremen potty trained since they relied on these suits to avoid water loss? Though stillsuit discipline was relaxed in the sietch did they have to wear a specalized undergarment or were they potty trained in a way where they could go normally within the sietch using a water-reclaiming toilet and be able to relax when they are suited up? Though the toilet would have to either be a waterless system or one that could reclaim all the water used in the process I lean towards some sort of reclamation garment.

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    Haha i love dune. Good post, i have thought about this stuff while watching the movie. They have the underground water caches to use when they are at th sietch.

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