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Thread: Anyone here make their own music? (or know someone who do that?)

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    Default Anyone here make their own music? (or know someone who do that?)

    Hello guys since I'm noted a lot of artists here in the community I'm a bit curious though. Anyone here make their own music. Either as songwriter, composer, vocal, instrument player or DJ.

    I'm not sure if the mods allow but please share your music here.

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    I have a coworker (kinda friend) who makes his music electronically and while it's not exactly my thing I really enjoy listening to it being his creation and don't fail to give good feedback.

    Can't share it though as it isn't mine but my hat comes off to all creative peeps.

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    I'd consider myself an aspiring artist; big emphasis on the aspiring part hehe . I like/want to make chill houseish sounding music (and some DnB here and there when I feel like making harder and faster stuff). So far, most my experience has been working entirely in the box. Software based synths and samples triggered by midi.

    These are projects that I started but lost due to my OS getting corrupt, so they're mostly just a few unmixed rough bars. Fortunately, I still have the disk image that should have them so I should be able to recover and actually finish and polish them up at some point although due to some circumstances, they're not as accessible as they should be.

    I tried this file sharing website I've never used before so I have no idea how long the links will work. It looks like you have to go through 2 pages of adds to get to the actual audio files. If you look near the lower middle portion, there's a table/grid that has the title of the file and a little 30 second countdown timer in the cell to the right of it (counting down to 0). Once the timer reaches zero you'll see a grey "download/view now" button appear in its place. After clicking that button, you'll be redirected to another page where a little more than halfway down the page there'll be another little table with the file name and file size in it as well as a blue button that says "(download)" near the file name. After clicking this button you'll be given the actual audio stream.

    Here's a little drum loop I threw together

    A small attempt at making "a drop" as it's often referred to

    This is the first thing I ever made/finished. It's pretty bare bones but I think it'd be good for layering with some more instruments and melodies etc.

    A pretty cool sounding ditty with some nice pad and violin chords

    I think I liked where this one was going the most out of all of them, but this was also the latest project I started before my OS corrupted so I couldn't straighten out some of the layered melodies.

    Edit: There are many artists on this forum and that share this "unique" interest of ours lol. Artsy/creative types are usually a little more "out there" compared to most people so it makes sense to me!
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    I consider myself a Classical Music Arranger (for Modern Crossover Music and Older Music) and a Classical Music Composer. I have limited resources to do what I do, so my rendered music is not as high quality as I would have wanted. When I get the proper tools and virtual instruments, maybe then I can finally start releasing some new music.

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    I certainly make music check it out, im gonna drop some more tracks in a couple days, since i started getting on discord chat a lot more i've slowed down production quite a bit lol

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    Yes, all kinds of digital music: Silver Dog Sounds is my Facebook page

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    Attachment 29739

    I like the atmospheric/ethereal elements you incorporate. Keep on at it!

    Just a little heads up, but linking directly to your youtube makes it very easy to identify you. If you're okay with this, then hey, more power to ya!

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    does it show on youtube that the link is shared here? D: wut should i do?
    and thank you

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    As a church musician, I'm constantly improvising either on the organ or at some keyboard. As a praise band member, we all get lead sheets. I have words and chords, so everything I play on the piano is improvised. As for songs or original music, I've composed very little. It's just not my thing, but playing the big classical composers is.

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    I do a little bit of Weird Al stuff, nothing really complete and i can't post attachments yet.
    To the toon of Mockingbird, and inspired by my neighbor's yappy dog
    Hush little puppy dog, don't you whine
    or daddy's gonna strangle you
    with fishin' line
    and if that fishin' line should break
    he'll beat you to death with a garden rake

    I didn't realize how depraved that sounds until I just now saw it writing...

    To "Dueling Banjoes"
    Dueling banjoes...
    dueling banjoes...
    well there ain't no words to this here song
    and I always thought that was kinda wrong
    so I made up some of my very own
    to dueling banjoes...
    it's poetic license,
    like Johnny Cash did
    at Folsom prison

    When he sang a song about killin' a man
    in Nevada and doin' his time
    At the California Penitentiary
    at Folsom Prison
    That's California
    it's Not Nevada...
    it jus' don't happen...

    Thank me, thank me very much.

    I don't actually abuse or advocate hurting animals or people. Johnny Cash never killed anybody either. David Alan Cole wrote the Folsom song. He didn't kill anybody either.

    This next is somewhat disturbing

    To the tune Beautiful Dreamer, which was written by Huddie Ledbetter who DID have a couple of lethal fights, He also wrote Cotton Fields back home and Goodnight Irene and about a blue million other songs ... oh, and Midnight Special....

    Pitiful screamer, writhing in pain,
    you didn't know the boy was insane
    You should have known from his personal ad
    the term 'pleasure dungeon'
    means something quite bad...

    Just like the puppy dog song I ran out of inspiration after one verse. Good enough for me. Probably since I have zero experience in sadism, aside from actually meeting a few.

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