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Thread: Night Owls represent! :D

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    Default Night Owls represent! :D

    So, who here is a night owl? Do you stay up a lot of hours and sleep late? Or are you the type of person who sleeps early ad gets up early?

    I'm usually a night owl... but it depends on how tired I am the next day. I don't usually stay up a whole lot because it affects my anxiety at times. So, if I stay up one night.. I usually have to sleep the next night.

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    I remember, back when I was 4, trying my hardest to stay awake during the night. Probably fell asleep around 2 or 3, but at that age that was quite an accomplishment.

    Then again I was stuck in the hospital with nothing better to do.


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    I used to be back when I was younger, would up until like 3am. Not so much now days (except Sunday nights, so I can watch GoT).

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    I'm not one now but it's relatively easy for me to reset my internal clock. My wife and I used to keep late hours--often going to bed when the sun was starting to peek over the horizon. Once I got into college, I'd have around an hour commute to get to campus and I had to get up early regularly. That set me more to an earlyish wake up and sleep time. With some time I could jump back on that schedule but now my wife has to get up early to get ready for her new job and I'm the only one with a driver's license. lol

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    Wtf, how do you people even function during the day? I'm up at 5am, and it's hard for me to stay up till even 10pm. My wife is up at 4am too.

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    Slomo: It's just a matter of your own "internal clock" and how it is "set". Your body gets used to certain rhythms or patterns. You and your wife are well adjusted to that particular sleep schedule and your body will want to enforce that. Night owls are no different--it's just that their sleep-wake pattern is set up for a nocturnal lifestyle.

    You can reset it by adjusting your sleep schedule but some people have more trouble changing their clock than others. The time that you live by a particular pattern might also affect how easy or difficult it is to readjust. But I'm not a medical professional--it's just my own experiences speaking here.

    For some reason, it's not too difficult for me to change but it does take a few days.

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    I am currently a Night Owl... I go to bed at midnight most days after working into the night. When I was little I had a bedtime of 8PM then 9PM when I was in middle school then 10 pm when I was in high school. If I change my schedule I usually Have a lot of trouble adapting my sleep times...

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