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    I haven't been able to wear a diaper in sooooooooo long. Im starting to get cranky and annoyed when I get an urge to wear diapers. anyone else feel like this?

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    I think most of my stress was caused by lack of self-acceptance. Although I'd much rather be able to wear when I like, I was able to go for an extended period without and didn't experience much trouble. I guess I haven't gone longer than a couple months since I've been out on my own, so maybe it would bother me more now. I do wear a lot more now than I used to but I'd say it's more as a result of a positive change that I have to keep up with in order to avoid it getting dull or overdone.

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    I wear one or twice a month it seems lately due to schedule and home life. I do get urges to wear more, but not to the point of it causing any anxiety. When enough time passes, I find the time to re-visit this interest and have some fun with it.

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    I used to, but that was decades ago before I went 24/7.

    I'm curious though, why aren't you able to wear a diaper?

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    I wear once a week. When I get close to my 'little' day I am so ready for it... I wish to do it more, but my current schedule along with the fact that I will be returning to college in the next week will mean I will have comparatively less time to be in fantasy mode. I will most likely have to be just wearing diapers like a DL and still doing my schoolwork as an adult. Wouldn't be as fun, but at least I will feel secure.

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    Oh I have to wear. I've been 24/7 since January. I took one week off in April and that's because I ran out of diaper money it was awful. Even if it's something simple as a Goodnite I feel better!

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    I wonder if wearing a diaper while doing school work would help calm you. I was in a 4-year university--before my financial aid ran out--and I can attest that it was extraordinarily stressful.

    I had went to a community college for my lower division stuff so when I transferred schools, I was hitting the 300 and 400-level classes. I also had to switch majors--one of the reasons I ran out of FA since I had to take some lower-division classes for my new major as well as learn a foreign language. I also switched schools just as my Parkinson's reared its ugly head so that added even more stress. There were some other things going on but I tried hard and I just couldn't make it. The classes for my major and minor were great though--English major with a Writing minor at the end.

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    I'm like that now I look at pictures online and It only makes me go more crazy and Honestly being BADL helps with my Depression so Ive been having lost of Night terrors as of late so I know how you feel

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