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Thread: Genetic disposition to Abdl?

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    Default Genetic disposition to Abdl?

    So much of who we are stems from DNA or environment. Does your abdl tendencies relate to either?

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    Much of my mental illness comes from DNA, and the way I cope/escape is through diapers so, yeah, I guess.

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    So much of genetics is coincidence and unrelated associations, at lower levels. Things like the defect for sickel cell anemia happening to give you immunity to malaria, or DDT made to kill insects causing bird shells to get really thin. (although the connection there has been proven by research, I don't think they've figured out exactly what DDT does to cause it) Life is just too complicated and interwoven to predict, and the only reason it works is it tries everything and only what works sticks around to make more of that variation.

    When you look at mental states, and especially preferences, it takes this to a whole new level of impossible-to-predict. Statistically proven relationships (even very small ones) regarding a person's personal preferences are almost nonexistent. Heck, just look at all the research that's been done trying (and failing miserably) to find a genetic or environmental "cause for being gay"... and THAT should be a lot easier target to track than something as (biologically) abstract as wanting to wear diapers.

    It's never going to happen, you may as well treat it as random. You might be able to find a consistent percentage in the global population, but I doubt much else.

    I wish I could remember an example I read awhile ago... there's a somewhat (in)famous example of a totally off-the-wall relationship that's been statistically proven and verified but utterly baffles anyone that tries to figure out the mechanic behind it. I can't remember anything of the issue, but just pulling out an on-par example, it'd be like "there's a slight preference for salted peanuts over unsalted peanuts in people that used to play tennis". It was a connection that just totally does not make sense, but had been checked and rechecked and verified to exist. (it was in a marketing research paper I read years ago, apparently there are several of these "effects" that market research has found that they know exists but can't explain) I don't suppose anyone has any idea what I'm talking about with this... it had a name too, related to the comparison. "the popcorn effect" or something like that. No idea. Anyway, it did a good job showing that it can be very hard to identify (and justify) the reason behind personal preferences.

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    I suspect so. I'm highly sensitive and it stands to reason that at a very early age, I found comfort in my diapers. I was force-trained to use the toilet by age 3, which back then, my mom thought I was a late bloomer. My cousin potty trained at 2, apparently. I really suspect the comfort I got that was then taken away can be seen a little like this. Say somebody gets you a cool stadium cushion and you use that soft pad everywhere. It's great. Every time you sit down, instant comfort. Say you get used to this only to suddenly have them tell you not to use that cushion anymore. Instead they give you a flimsy piece of material and then you have to sit on the hard metal bleachers. No fun. I always wanted that comfort back, even though I knew our culture wouldn't allow it.

    But getting back to the original question, I have mental illness in both sides of the family and I got a double dose from each parent. I suspect I have what they call the "short/short" allele in the area of sensitivity.

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    For a second there, I thought you were talking about being likely to be killed by my brother.

    Actually, some of the sex researchers (John Money, for example), say that it's probably a developmental thing rather than a genetic one. This is sort of why abusers become abusers, in the most radical form. There's a formative time in the "lovemaps". If you happen to trip into some exposure it may deviate you from the norm in one way or the other.

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    I believe out genetics prime us to be more or less susceptible to liking certain things in life, but do not condemn us to them. It is the level of nurturing and environment we grow up in that acts as the actual trigger.

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    I think my love of diapers is because I was forced into potty training before i was ready around age 2 to 3 and I wasn't ready to give them up
    and that triggered my desire to want to be able to wear diapers again

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    Totally agree. I think it is the same for. At the sane time I had a mild cerebral palsy which was not discovered and makes it even more difficult to potty train.

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    Totally agree. I think it is the same for. At the sane time I had a mild cerebral palsy which was not discovered and makes it even more difficult to potty train.

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    I believe human tendencies are genetic while the specifics are environmental. Diaper love would not exist without diapers having been in the environment or without an inherent capacity to love something.

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