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Thread: So I got myself a daddy...

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    Default So I got myself a daddy...

    Öbut itís not the way youíd think. It all started off with my group of friends. I tend to be maternal and caring when I see my friends being cute. They obviously noticed it and started making cute faces and saying cute stuff on purpose, just to make me react a certain way. Btw they are not part of our community, at least as far as I know. They just do it for fun, and I take it that way. So after a while we said we are like a family with me being the mommy and them being my kids. We even made up their ages, even though most of the time we treat each other like adults. But the family thing became a long running joke.

    So I recently met this guy. From the beginning he was very cute and once he noticed my reactions, he started being cute on purpose, clearly enjoying being cared for. And on top of that, my other ďkidsĒ started treating him as a new brother, being a bit jealous of him. Needless to say he quickly became a part of our ďfamilyĒ.

    But then a strange thing happened. Me and this guy were in a bus, going somewhere, I was really tired, when he said I looked cute and that we switched the roles and I look like the child now. Well, Iím not used to that, because as sad as it is, Iím not really a very cute person, at least I believe so. If I try to look cute, it just looks forced and weird, so I donít really try anymore. So when he said that, I was just shocked and immediately fell into the little zone. But I didnít know what to do, because Iím not used to being little in front of other people, and Iím certainly not used to them responding the way I wished they didÖ Of course the more I was shy and confused, the more he said I was cute. I tried to deny it and get back into being an adult, but he said that he can just see it and that I should not fight itÖ It felt awesome and scary at the same time Ė when I am in that zone, itís so easy to hurt my feelings, and I didnít know what he would do.

    Later that day, I did something he didnít want me to do, so he got a little mad at me and said I need to listen to my daddy. That was the moment I let go completely and looked at him guilty and said I was sorry and if he still liked me... And he hugged me and said he would always like me, no matter what I didÖ

    The next day we talked about it a little. I basically explained what it is like to be in the little zone, without using that term and leaving out baby stuff. I just told him how I feel vulnerable and unprotected, but also want to trust him completelyÖ He seemed to understand that. And said he saw all that in my big cute trusting eyes (which of course made me blush again). He said we can switch the roles Ė sometimes I am the parent, sometimes he is. Which Iíd really like. But I am still a bit confused about it. I donít think he is a part of this community. I think for him itís just that he would already like to be a father but isnít in the situation for that yet. But he has these parental needs in him. And I am wondering, can this even work? With someone who isnít a care giver in the sense we here understand it? And how am I supposed to act? Iím not used to being in this positionÖ

    Iím sorry for this long post. I actually thought about putting it to the stories section, but this is not a fiction, itís all true. Anyways, what do you think? Has anyone ever been in this kind of situation? Any thoughts, tips, advices?

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    hi Leilana

    It's so good having a Daddy/ P-Dom.

    hope you have many years of fun together.

    I would keep doing what you have been doing and talking about it and the roles.

    have a safe word.

    all way be honest with each other about the way you are feeling.

    all the best


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    If he is naturally gravitating to the daddy role with you after enjoying the 'play' between you and your family of friends, then he may just be having his first caregiver experiences. Some of us had that experience very early in life (I knew I was a daddy when I was 8 and babysat a little girl who adored me). He could be a full fledged daddy and just not had any prior experiences like this to where he'd even know. He could also be playing along to get closer to you if he's attracted to you, although most guys who play along tend to follow, (play along) not initiate. So if he's the one starting up the comments, then he's likely interested in the daddy role to some degree. If you just nudge things along slowly, you will eventually find his boundary to where he starts to be uncomfortable, but as you become closer that boundary will erode too.

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    It's hard to say, but at the very least it sounds like you have some awesome and very close friends!

    Remember that "Daddy" and "Mommy" and such are really just words. Granted, what they can represent can be extremely significant and it's helpful to explicitly identify things, yet at the same time you don't want to overthink it and give the terms/definitions too much power. There are tons of people who aren't even aware of this community and would probably enjoy and make a good caregiver and/or little. They may not even know or be aware of that part of themselves the same way someone might enjoy and be really good at drawing or playing basketball, but has never tried it before or felt inclined to try it.

    I myself haven't been in a similar situation and really am not that much of AB (but do have some minor AB traits). It sounds like your current relationships with your friends are pretty healthy and they will naturally progress to what's best as long as you can keep being honest with and trusting of each other.

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    Interesting, I did not concider the possibility of him being a caregiver and just not knowing it yet. But it did make me wonder where is the line between it being just a specific thing for us in our community and it being a part of a human nature - wanting to take care and being taken care of.
    But I still have a hard time getting into the role of a child - for me it is normal to talk to my friends as if the were my kids, that's what I'm used to. I noticed him trying multiple times to switch the roles and be the dad, but I just have a hard time letting go, even though I really want to and I wished to be in this position for years. I'm also worried I'm gonna cross some line and he'll think I'm just weird now, which would be really hard to take.
    Anyways, I'm very happy I have a place here where I can share stuff like this and people can actually understand what I'm talking about.

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    Default So I got myself a daddy...

    I'm just imagining him posting in a super secret daddy forum something similar to what you posted and hoping that you're a little.

    I think you could have a talk with him and tell him that he's really helped you feel more secure and that you'd like for this type of relationship to continue if he does as well. That might help open the door to more?

    I'm trying to live vicariously through you. lol. So please keep us updated. But seriously, I'm really hoping something comes of this.

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    Ok, I'm really starting to wonder now how it is with him... Two days ago there was a big mosquito in the bathroom and I was really scared of him (I know I should not freak out about a mosquito, but he was huge and kind of looked like a spider that could fly, aweful). Well, I told him and asked him if he could come over and cuddle me untill I fall asleep (which he realistically couldn't, but you know, little thoughts). He comforted me for a while, but the most beautiful thing he said was "Don't worry. You are daddy's girl. No one can get you." Which really helped me to fall asleep, but when he mentioned it the next day, I felt really awkward.

    So yesterday we chatted and I told him how it feels natural and nice to be a child infront of him, but the next day I feel weird and inappropriate. And here are some things he said: "If you wanna make me happy, act exactly how you feel, no restrictions, no expectations." "I might be a big boy, but it doesn't mean I don't want to play." "I'm trying to keep the inner child as much as I can - the world is then more colourful, with more possibilities... Help me keep it that way and foster it." Then I suggested that since we swop roles - parent/child, we could also try to both be kids. Here's his answer: "Are you kidding? Or is that a serious question? I never had a sister. Let's try that!"

    Sooo... could he actually be...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoredBoy View Post
    I'm just imagining him posting in a super secret daddy forum something similar to what you posted and hoping that you're a little.
    Yeah, it already crossed my mind once or twice what would happen if he was here as well and read this. Because there's no doubt he would recognize himself. :/

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