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    Hi folks!

    I'm back from a long hiatus on the forum. It's good to see you again !

    Lot's of stuffs happened to me, one of these is the fact that i now have a new job, who suit me better that my past professional experiences

    to celebrate this i made a big order on the "" website.
    According to the tracking info, my package will probably arrive in two or three days (i live in Europe) . Alas, I would be at work all days... And it's my relatives that will receive it for me... By habits they systematically read all the labels on packages and letters.
    So my impatience is turning into anguish...

    Did the packages from this online shop are discreet? (no name of the entreprise or mention like "bottle" or "pacifier" or "adult baby")?

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    Just like all other AB companies they're discreet, plain box with just your address and name on it

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    Thank CookieMonstah! The package arrived today and not only it was very discreet like you said, but the latex teat are incredibly smooth and confortable (i ordered some pacifiers and clip)

    - - - Updated - - -

    Actually i have receveid products from an eBay store months ago, and the words "adult baby" was written on the extern tag of the package...Everybody could read it... This is why i was irrationally worried about the discretion of this latest purchase

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    I ordered a cloth diaper from xxx website and when it got here, the person that had shipped it printed the name of the company on the shipping label. Unfortunately, it had the word "diaper" in it.... Thankfully I was there to accept it from the mailman, and not one of the younger kids that live here. I reached out to the website, and had their full apologies. Sometimes mistakes happen =/

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