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Thread: What are your favorite things about being a little/AB?

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    Default What are your favorite things about being a little/AB?

    I love the fact that I am now able to be myself. I don't always have to hide being a little. I love the idea of being in that state of mind where I'm not so concerned about my adulthood. It provides me with a sense of comfort and safety with all of the constant distress that my anxiety and autism often conjure up on a daily basis. It gives me the chance to forget the adult things in my life and feel like a child every now and then.

    As for the smaller things, it would have to be my current favorite little shows. I have to admit that I've really been getting into PJ Masks, Lion Guard and Paw Patrol a lot more since discovering my little side. Another thing is being able to snuggle up to my favorite blanket named Keru when I go to sleep. He always provides me with the same comfort and security that being in little mode does.

    I'd think of more things... but I'm still trying to understand my little side each and every day. ^^;

    So, what about you guys? What are some of your favorite things about being a little/AB?

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    It is the thoughts of feeling safe and loved when I am thinking infantile "Little Thoughts and Feelings" while in my bed hugging my special teddy bear friend.
    Yes, I feel like I am being my true self, not the cynical older grown-up which is my adult self.

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    I think the best time for me being little is when I'm going to sleep and when I wake up in the morning. I go to bed diapered and there's something comforting about being free to release my consciousness to sleep. In a way, it's a little like dying, because we never really know if we're going to wake up, especially at my age...haha.

    Once awake, I'm in a wet diaper and I feel little. After I help my wife get ready, I take a shower, but when I'm getting dressed, I'm watching cartoons. Then it's the enjoyment of the morning, a cup of coffee and the news. To be honest, instead of reading my newspaper in the morning, I'd rather continue watching Tom and Jerry and Scooby Doo, because the world has become a very scary place. This will sound strange, but at least for me, cartoons put the world into a much better perspective. Maybe that's because it's how we wish the world was with the fun of cartoons and the innocence of those who watch them.

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    I think caitianx put it very well about trying to get away from being a 'cynical adult'. I don't have as much life experience as a lot of members here, but taking on so much responsibility at any age can be bad for anyone if they don't have a good outlet to relieve stress. I can relate to your struggles with with anxiety and autism, it's never easy when society sees you differently just for being who you are. When I'm little, I feel more secure and less afraid of people judging me. Whenever I have free time I watch cartoons, play with my plushies, and sometimes even get my old dolls out. It isn't much, but it reminds me of the last time I was truly happy, all the countless days of spending time at my best friend's house, trading Pokemon with my cousin, going to the park with my family, or just playing in the back yard.

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    I think for me it's just the unencumbered feelings of joy and happiness at the little things again. Today I bought some of the new back to school products like a new pair of safety scissors and some elmers glue as well as some scented markers and oversized my first pencils. I still got that same feeling that I got when I was getting ready to start a new year at school, so excited to smell the new scents for the first time, it took me a long time to get to the point where I can reach that feeling again but I am here and I am never going back. I am a lifestyle little (which is my favorite phrase for it) where I spend most of my free time in a little centric world. I do not have an actual parental figure but I do make up one in my head from time to time that tells me what's best for me, otherwise I would probably eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. I just love the feeling of freedom and happiness that you lose when you become an adult. I missed it.

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    It's the fact that I can still be innocent, childish, and still have lots of fun while I grow up. It's taught me that you grow up as an adult, but not totally since you act like a child. And not everyone can be totally an adult (100%). As well as still have things a child, toddler, or baby would love. Being a child and still growing more into adulthood with some maturity is the best feeling ever! Only bad part is you get told by others you need to "grow up" when you're already an adult with maturity, responsibilities, etc. I mean, as an 18 yr. Old I still need working on adultishness. But I have Adult Roles class in high school this year that will help me get there (I am very excited for the subject).

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    Yesterday after performing house chores, I regressed to being a little toddler boy in leg braces.
    I did "Potty Time" without my 24/7 diaper(s).
    As I sat on my "potty", physically restrained by my activity tray, I played quietly with my 80-piece MEGA BLOKS Set.
    I felt happy and at peace with myself.
    I was just a crippled little toddler.
    Again today before Supper I regressed to toddlerhood, restrained on my potty chair, mutely playing with a big plastic toddler tractor, and one of my baby rattles.
    As it was, my "real" childhood was in many ways, a "Living Hell" that took all my limited functionality as an autistic on the upper-end of the Autism Spectrum who also had to live with growing up with Mild Cerebral Palsy too to survive to be a "real adult".
    My Child/Toddler/Baby Self is "the real me".
    Anyway, later before bedtime it will be time for more "toddler time" play.

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    First of all, I want to appreciate this great idea for a post - I never really thought about what I love about this side of me untill I saw your question, so thank you I guess my favourite thing is that it made me really think about who I am and it made me realize that it's ok to be different as long as I am happy with who I am. And the second favourite thing is the same as for most of us I guess - to be able to escape to this private "happy place" that not a lot of people understand. When life just gets too much, I know how I can release that stress, even if for just a moment.

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