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    Ok some posts around here on the betterdry, its an excellent unit, some complained that it lacks wicking capacity and just expands in the immediate area. well they allways worked well, and as far as i was concerned they absorb more in the immediate area because they can.

    That was till this evening, normally i just used betterdry as a night diaper, but with a view to replacing my usual abena/molicare with them for daytime use, not so happy, just had piss running down my leg with the backend of the diaper empty and dry, not so happy. (nor a minor leak, piss was running)

    I've no doubt they are a great diaper, but the Abena L4 is still king, i've taken them off totally saturated from front to back, padding falling to bits, yeah but they were at the 4Lt mark or beyond.

    Tonight the betterdry disappointed me, having piss running down your leg without warning is the stuff of cheap store brands.
    Its certainly good in bed, where i suppose situation is different.


    Might I add it went boomboom at I'd estimate around 2lt.
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    Yeah I only use it at night. I agree, Betterdry would not be so good for daytime use although I have heard others saying different things

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    ok I may have to rethink my plan on switching to the betterdry diaper

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    Just wondering if the abenas are plastic back? The cloth backed ones available in Oz are complete rubbish. I would rate them generally inferior to most especially Abdl brands these days.

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    i feel like I want to defend Betterdry. I use them all the time in the day because they seem so trustworthy.
    But like any diaper, from time to time you need to check that the leak guards are in place. usually. leaks in any diaper like this usually occur because your stream went over the leak guard. when this happens, pee will pool in the outer edges, and it is going to leak.
    This is a common problem with the Northshore design because the leak guard is shallow and does not extend high enough in the front. Anyway, I have not had this happen yet with a BetterDry. Sure, they expand alot. German marketeers call that high suction. That however is what makes them so trustworthy against leaking. Oh well, just felt I should say something.

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    I've used just one betterdry diaper for a full 24 hours before. All while staying well hydrated. Yes that means they swell up huge in the front while still being dry in the back. I've never once felt like they would leak on me though.

    I'd also recommend you make sure the leg guards were standing up, and add to make sure you are getting a snug fit all the way around your legs.

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