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    Alright, I ran accross some 1995 attends on ebay and am thinking about getting them. Are they worth it though? They will be around $30 total. Are they the blue tape ones? How thick are they compared to other diapers? Do they have leak guards??? This is my big thing, b/c newer attends dont have them.

    Would I just be better off getting some abenas like I planed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperedteenager View Post
    Are they worth it? They will be around $30 total.

    get some abenas like I planed
    Looks like you answered yourself.

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    Those Attends don't have leak guards, but are much thicker than the Paper-Pak ones. They do have the blue tapes, smooth plastic, and the nice scent.

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    Vintage Attends are really cool... but they're not worth the money you are going to pay to get them. Buy some modern diapers with your money.

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    Those aren't the ones that people write about and pay so much money for - they're the older 4-tape design. The tapes on those were white plastic, with "Attends" embossed on them. They also lacked elastic at the waist, and they have the "perma-dry" lining, which isn't the same soft lining that baby diapers and most adult diapers have. I used those before the 6-tape ones came out, and by today's standards, they'd just be so-so.

    Even the current 6-tape Attends are better than the older 4-tape ones.

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    Yeah, get the abena's. They've got all the things that you're asking for.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Of course, the purple Molicare Super-plus are pretty good too

    I don't think I'd waste money on "vintage" diapers. The adhesive on the tapes have probably evaporated by now.

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