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Thread: Cloth backed diaper with good odour control

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    Cool Cloth backed diaper with good odour control


    As I'm sure many of you can attest to, the summer heat can make diaper wearing quite the sweaty experience. I've tried a couple of different cloth-backed diapers, and they sure do help with comfort.

    However, I haven't been impressed with the odour control on them so far. I feel like I start smelling shortly after having peed, even just a little. I do my best to drink lots of water (hail hydrate!), but even so, oftentimes the scent still goes through.

    My preference is still a thick diaper, and it doesn't have to be an ABDL-themed or plain white diaper. What are your suggestions?

    Hope you all have a wonderful sunday!

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    I've been using the tranquility elite care, day and night.

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    As I sit here, I'm wearing a Northshore AirSupreme, a cloth-backed version of my favorite diaper on the market. They wick well, hold a ton (40 oz), and they're completely silent. I've never really noticed that they're any cooler but then I rarely wear them outside. Weekend mornings are pretty much my only diaper time anymore. :-|


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    I'm with RMS on this. There is very little if anything for me to complain about with the Northshore Air Supreme.

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    I'll chime in with a thumbs for Northshore as well, however I had a hard time with the tapes. Recently I tried Seni Quatro and found them every bit as good as the Northshore but the tapes are a lot more reliable for me. A case is on its way!

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    Molicare Super is pretty good and wicks well.

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    Thank you everyone for your tips!

    The Northshores sound intriguing, however, unfortunately I'm in Europe, and it doesn't seem like anyone over here carries them. Does anyone know of a reseller here?

    I do remember trying the Super Seni Quattro a while back, and finding them comfortable. I don't remember about the odour. I think I'll order a pack again next time I'm shopping for padding. I'll also make sure to give the Molicare Super a look.

    Thanks again!

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    The seni has great odor masking, I use them sometimes when I need to be in the same diaper for a prolonged time

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    I wear Purity cloth diapers and homemade double gauze diapers with Gary PUL pants. The PUL pants do a great job of holding in the odor. However, changing regularly throughout the day is important. The longer the urine sets, the more ammonia it produces.

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