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Thread: Where in the world?

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    Default Where in the world?

    Um, where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? I mean, I played that game so much when I was little but I don't think I ever found her.

    To those that did play, have you found her? Because I remember everytime I got to a new place I had to look again...she never showed up.

    Like wtf?


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    I have an old game like that, but they require some kind of code and the program crashes after the first level and oh it's just a mess.

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    On one of the version I think the first CD-rom version with some voice overs I found her pretty easy. However it was always hard, mainly since you don't know what countries are what.. it was a teaching game.

    I guess Mario Is Missing was a blatant rip-off on it. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    I guess Mario Is Missing was a blatant rip-off on it. :P
    Is it sad that I have that game for SNES.

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    I played that game. I always found it really easy. I think I almost always found her. If I didn't it was because I got bored of going to all the different places, instead of because I found it difficult.

    Then again it might have been a different game on the same franchise, I don't know.

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    I played this game a couple times, years ago at school, they had it installed on a couple computers. I never got very far though, I think the longest I played the game in one shot was 20 minutes.

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    I didn't know that there was a game.
    My kids watched the TV show a lot, when they were young.
    It was interesting and quite educational.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    She ran off with Waldo.
    Don't even mention what the kids would be like.

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