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    I'm back after a long departure, on meds, currently transitioning is my summery.

    My current situation at the moment is messed up, though I've got hope and I'm trying my hardest to move out while I start hormone replacement therapy the doctors aren't cheap.

    I can't tell my parents about me transitioning due to a sociopath in my life taking the role of a transgender person after finding out I was transgender not going into detail but the stuff he does relays to my parents, and practically spreads false and toxic information while doing very creepy stuff.

    Anyways, I'm trying to find a job, and I'm moving as far away as possible from this toxic pest.

    I've been to a gender therapist in secret for a little while, if all goes well I'll be on hormones, feature wise I'm okay, Adams apple hasn't grown much etc, so it's not noticeable.

    Mentally I've been doing better, I'm just trying to get out of my crappy situation, and praying I get a job in this crappy city :P I still can't eat anything so I'm on multi-vitamins and eating what I can.

    On the bright side I got myself a SSD and my computer feels super duper fast.

    I must say it feels odd to be called Jessica by my gender therapist.

    Job hunting should get a lot easier since I have my liquor licence, so I can serve alcohol at bars and what not.

    Much Love.
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    You sound peppier even in black and white text...

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    I'm duplicating myself, but welcome back and hugs.

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