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Thread: Advice and suggestions please..

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    Default Advice and suggestions please..

    Alright ADISCers.. Let's hear what you've got..

    I recently talked with my G/f about wearing 24/7 through an entire case of diapers. She gave me the go ahead and we started discussing rules and requirements for when this happens. I currently have about a case and a half of various diapers (bambinos, abenas, and the like) and a few onesies and cloth diapers. We're still working on the hows and whens but I am mainly asking for suggestions of rules for home or when out and about. I do work full time and most weekends so this will definitely be quite an experience.. for both of us to be sure.

    Let's see where this goes..



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    these are just a handful of rules one of my friends likes to enforce and for you to try out and discuss! good luck!

    Only care giver and take off diaper.
    CG may inspect diaper at any given time and change as seen fit (even in public) .
    Little cannot touch diaper area unless given permission.
    CG decides how you will dress- if any clothes at all (private or public) .

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    And just a guideline, we're planning on staying nilla friendly through this endeavor.. Don't want to give the community a bad rep..

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